WEIGHT-LOSS jabs are all the rage, with celebrities including Elon Musk and Jeremy Clarkson using them.

And you can understand why, when research suggests one such drug, called Wegovy, can help people lose ten per cent of their body weight.

Currently it’s only available via weight-loss services in hospitals, but is set to be rolled out by GPs in England to NHS patients with both a BMI over 35 and a weight-related condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

However, despite guidance recommending that people take the jabs for a maximum of two years, last week scientists revealed if offered them, you should be prepared to be on them indefinitely – as you would with statins for high cholesterol.

There are reportedly nasty side effects to contend with too, including dizziness, sickness, bruising, memory loss, fatigue as well as stomach and kidney problems.

With all this talk of slimming jabs – often seen as a quick fix – it might seem like previously tried and tested methods are dead in the water, including the classic weight loss rule: the “calories in vs calories out” approach.

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And with tempting treats everywhere we turn, and sky high stress levels, hormones and emotions making it difficult to not devour everything in sight, losing weight can be tough.

But if you’ve got a goal in mind and are desperate to burn off unwanted pounds, these surprising tips could help . . . 


DITCH the PJs and just wear your birthday suit to bed.

Research by the US National Institute of Health found that sleeping naked keeps your body cool, allowing your metabolism to speed up, which can help you burn calories faster.

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FORGET hot pasta and potatoes, it’s all about letting your carbs cool down before you eat them.

Why? Because cold carbs have a lower glycemic index.

Personal trainer Nick Mitchell, the founder of Ultimate Performance, says: “Foods with a lower glycemic index can help you lose weight because they make you feel full for longer.

“They can also stop the sharp rise and fall of blood sugar levels that result in hunger pangs, which can lead to raiding the cupboard, binge eating and weight gain.”

Packing lunch for work? Cook your carbs in the evening and eat them cold the next day.


WE all come face to face with cravings every now and then, but regularly giving in to chocolate, cake and crisps can really derail your weight loss efforts.

And it’s not like many of us can just stop at one biscuit, or a couple of squares of chocolate.

Nick advises: “Brush your teeth or chew gum to stop cravings in their tracks.

“Mint is great at suppressing cravings and your brain may also associate the taste of mint with the end-of-the-day brushing of your teeth, thus quelling your desire to eat.”


IT’S important to note that eating too little, or skipping meals, is not the way to lose weight.

Nick explains: “If I let myself go hungry, which can frequently happen if you’ve got a very demanding job, then the idea of eating some beef and broccoli isn’t half as appealing as the baked beans on toast I can rustle up in two minutes.

“So many of us make poor food choices when we allow ourselves to go hungry. And poor food choices lead to weight gain.

“My rule for weight loss is don’t put yourself in harm’s way and ensure that you eat something nutritious every three to four hours.


WALK past a bakery and can’t help but wander in thanks to the smell of fresh bread wafting outside?

Abbas Kanani, from Chemist Click Online Pharmacy, says: “The smell of food can stimulate appetite and increase hunger.

“When we encounter pleasant food aromas, it triggers the release of saliva and digestive enzymes in anticipation of eating.

“The aroma can also activate the brain’s reward centres, making us more interested in consuming the food and may lead to weight gain.”

So if you find yourself tempted in a tasty-smelling situation, walk away – you’ll be doing your waistline a favour!


A STUDY carried out by St George’s Hospital in London found that the scent of vanilla can reduce a person’s appetite for sweet foods and drinks.

Rather than sniffing out vanilla ice cream though, spritz a vanilla-based room spray or light a delicious-smelling vanilla candle at home.


NEXT time you eat, see how long it takes you to finish a meal.

You might be surprised just how quickly you get through your food!

Abbas reveals: “It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to receive signals from your stomach that you’ve had enough to eat.

“By eating slowly, you allow these signals to reach your brain, which can help prevent overeating.

“Chewing slowly also breaks down food into smaller pieces, making it easier for your body to digest and absorb nutrients.”

Plus, being fully present during meals allows you to get in tune with your body’s hunger and fullness cues.


EATING with your non-dominant hand, or even holding your cutlery with the opposite hand you’re used to, naturally forces you to slow down.

Jess Hillard, a sports nutritionist from brand Warrior, explains that because you are not used to using that hand to eat with, you will naturally register it moving more, making you aware of what you’re doing.

That, in turn, can help make mindless grazing a thing of the past.


EVER wondered why your body craves particular foods?
It could simply be lacking in certain nutrients.

Taking a multivitamin can help to bridge any gaps in nutritional deficiencies, says nutritionist Rob Hobson.

He explains: “Ensuring your body is getting the minerals and nutrients it needs can help to stop pesky cravings.

“For example, a craving for red meat might mean you are lacking in iron.”


SIMPLE colour tricks on the brain can help us rethink how we eat.

Nutritionist Daniel Herman from Bio-Synergy says: “It is believed that the colour blue can act as an appetite suppressant.”

Try using blue plates with meals, or fool your brain into feeling full by using smaller plates.

Daniel says: “This can make your portions appear larger, helping you consume fewer calories.”

Jess says that eating off smaller plates has been widely researched.

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