With beads in her hair and an ensemble matching her mother’s outfit, 4-year-old Alexis Olympia Ohanian was seen in the stands watching Serena Williams play in round one of the U.S. Open on Monday (August 29). It was the first of Williams’s attempts to win her 24th Grand Slam before bowing out of the sport and pursuing a new path. She won her first-round match against Danka Kovinić as her daughter cheered her on, even snapping her picture alongside her dad Alexis Sr. and aunt Isha Price.

In addition to watching her mom dominate on the court, we have also seen little Alexis Olympia in several pictures and videos on the tennis court with her legendary mama. Yet, you might be surprised to learn that she is not as enthusiastic about tennis as one might have assumed, despite being the daughter of the greatest tennis player ever.

 “We do everything together. We go on dates and it’s so cool because she likes everything I do except for tennis,” Williams said while speaking at a panel called “A Conversation with Champions” ahead of the U.S. Open, which officially started on Monday.

That said, this isn’t Williams’s first time disclosing that her little one has other more dominant interests. “Honestly, she likes playing piano,” the 40-year-old mom said on Jimmy Kimmel Live last September. “When she was in my belly, I played a lot of piano music.”

The 23-time Grand Slam champion has referred to Alexis Olympia as her “little buddy” and said she’s really fun to be around. “I see a lot of my personality in her and it’s just a great time to have her around now to see what I do on a daily,” she said at the pre-U.S. Open panel. Williams and her mini spend a generous amount of time doing everything from traveling to making TikTok videos together, which Alexis Olympia definitely seems to enjoy.

Whether her daughter grows up to be a tennis player, fan or none of the above, she will for sure be proud of her mom for exuding Black excellence, dominating the tennis world for decades, and making the sport more accessible to Black girls globally. 

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