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A 25-year-old woman has stunned TikTok by revealing she has a teenage "bonus" son.

Courtney Lee Hewitt took to social media to explain the term after she was bombarded with one of her videos with messages about it.

In a video, on her account @courtneyleehewitt, she can be seen dancing and rapping along to a song with her son, with the caption: “When you just turned 25 and you have a 14-year-old bonus son.”

The video received more than 16 million views, but left many questioning how she had a teenage son at such a young age.

A “bonus” is an Americanism for having a step-son, which she went on to explain in a later TikTok video.

She explained, responding to the questions: “Being a bonus mother is earned, the stepmother is just someone who marries the dad.”

The term split opinion online, with one replying: “This 'explanation' can be hurtful to other wonderful stepmothers in toxic situations. No hate, just making people aware.”

But one user, Caitlyn Daige, said that the term “bonus” mum had helped dispel some negative connotations created by Disney towards the term “step mum”.

She wrote: “I see it as every Disney movie, the step mothers are pure evil. I refuse to be that. I say bonus mom.”

And another commenter wrote: “My bonus boys are 10 and almost 9, I'm 23…I love this.”

Emma Knight looked at the situation from the other side.

She wrote, on the video which has more than 250k views: “I have a bonus dad, he's amazing and I wouldn't trade him for anyone else ever.

“I've known him since I was seven – he's the best.”

The term "Bonus mum" has actually been around for a long time.

In a post on, it is described as "a woman who helps her boyfriend or husband co-parent his children from another mama".

"Bonus Moms wipe butts, read bedtime stories, pull splinters out of tiny fingers, cook, go to Little League games, endure minigolf, craft, and do all the other things that birth moms do during their time with the kids," the definition continued.

"Generally bonus moms have a cordial relationship with the birth mom and joins in at birthday parties and big events."

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