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A woman has revealed why she’s undertaken so much plastic surgery – and her followers love it.

Alicia Amira moved from Stockholm in Sweden to Dorset and began her transformation after quitting her PR job.

She has had surgery on her boobs, forehead, eyes, cheeks and lips – and she isn’t done yet.

The 31-year-old has been open and honest on Instagram about the procedures she’s had and how far she is willing to go.

“I mean it when I say that I love to live my life as a real-life f*ck doll. I’ve erased who I used to be in order to become a plastic bimbo,” she said.

“I didn’t change, I evolved. Bimbofication means sacrificing everything about yourself on the altar of your sexuality – it means giving up a ‘normal life’ in order to become a full-time bimbo sex doll.

“I could have lived a normal life if I wanted to, but I CHOSE to become a walking sex object. I’m proud of my journey, every step of it and all the steps I’m about to take.”

She has had fillers and a variety of other procedures done to her face, such as cheek fillers, nasolabial fillers, Botox, chin filler and jaw filler.

Her lips have also doubled in size, she now has a “tiny plastic nose”, longer nails and “huge fake t*ts”.

She weighs 52.7 kilos (around 8.3st) – with three kilos of that being plastic.

While this amount of work may seem excessive to some, Alicia said that this is only the beginning.

She added: “Bimbofication isn’t a trend that means girls dressing in pink Y2K clothes, bimbofication is an adult fetish meaning permanently modifying your appearance, your style, your life, your behaviour to become a bimbo plastic sex doll.”

At the moment she has no end goal in mind as she loves the transformation and thinks "the more plastic the better”.

Her aim is to look "as plastic as possible" which means getting bum implants, a more doll-like nose and even bigger boobs.

Alicia’s followers are always quick to share their support and compliment the work that she’s had done.

“We love you and your journey,” one person commented.

“So hot babe, in love,” said another.

“I think you're fantastic. I envy you so much,” a third person wrote.

A fourth added: “I can't wait to see what you have planned! I love how plastic and doll-like your face is becoming. It is just unique and wonderful.”

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