A woman claims she was 'fat-shamed' at an all-you-can-eat restaurant after they tried to charge her double for eating 'too much.'

British TikTok user Poppy, who posts on the app as @poppypaints, took to the app with her hilarious response to another user who asked people to share the "wildest way that had been fat-shamed."

In her video, which gained more than 5,000 likes, Poppy explained that she’d been out for a meal at a buffet restaurant where there is a set price per person and people expect to be able to eat their fill.

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However, it appeared that wasn't the case as when she received the bill, she found out that she had been charged twice because she ate ‘too much.'

Poppy explained: “I once went to an all-you-can-eat buffet, and when the bill came, I noticed they’d charged me twice. I questioned it and asked why, and they said I’d eaten too much.”

But of course, she refused to pay double for her visit as she confirmed in the comments that she had a bit of a tiff with staff over the situation.

She wrote: "No I argued and only paid the one flat rate."

People in the comments were horrified over the restaurant trying to double-charge her as one user wrote: "That doesn’t make sense… it’s all you CAN EAT….. hahahaha."

Another added: "Omg. I gasped."

A third said: "I’ve never heard of this happening… that’s actually wonderful I love it, I wanna be a part of it – I’m gonna challenge myself."

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Other people took to the comments to share their craziest experiences of being shamed for their size as one woman wrote: "Two days ago at my best friend's wedding. Grooms mum ‘oh, you're the big bridesmaid, lovely to meet you’."

Another added: "I visited a paid entry beach in Turkey and they wanted to charge me double as I would take up too much sand."

A third commented: "A customer asked me to compare myself to a car. I said a mustang. He looked me up and down and said a VW beetle."


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