Dating apps aren't easy to use.

You could either receive an unsolicited nude or a user nagging to meet in person, it's never a simple journey.

Now one woman was left mortified after receiving a savage response from a Tinder match when she replied with "hey".

Posting on Reddit, the user known as @radiantelation, shared a screenshot of the conversation which quickly escalated.

The chat started with the lad innocently writing "hey cutie" with a wink emoji at around 8 in the morning.

But then when the female replied "hey" around four hours later, the bloke wasn't having any of it.

Instead of continuing the pleasant conversation, he instead replied with "you can just f*** off".

Then the female replied: "Thanks, have a great day," to which he commented back: "Unmatch me."

She simply asked "darling, why are you so mad?" as he admitted her first text was slightly bitchy.

Finally she politely replied with "unmatch me yourself psycho" as she was taken by surprise with his explanation.

Since the user shared it on Reddit, the post racked up over 25,700 upvotes and 700 comments.

One Reddit user said: "Lol should have said "you unmatch ME, coward!"

Another social media fan admitted: "Maybe he just likes ordering people around."

A third commented: "Clearly this individual is clinically insane," while a fourth wrote: "Dodged a f***ing canon ball mate."

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The Tinder user later admitted in the comments section: "Just wanted to trigger him more lol, was bored."

In other dating app fails, one woman was branded "slightly obese" and told to "sprint to his house" in a savage message.

Em Sumners, 21, shared a video of the horrible Tinder experience after matching with a lad named Mikey.

She shared it on TikTok where it garnered over 3.7million views.

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