Alex Jones shows off hair transformation to Instagram followers

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Marina, 29, had struggled with her physical appearance her whole life due to the shape and size of her nose. Thankfully, a simple procedure “completely changed” her entire life.

Marina went through a dramatic transformation after a “liquid nose job”.

The procedure is a filler rhinoplasty which has less risk than a surgical nose job.

Marina shared her story with

“I used to get bullied a lot at school because of my nose.

“I also found my nose changed and worsened as I got older,” she explained.

“I would not want people to look at me from the side, I would be very conscious about photos being taken and would always edit pictures so my nose wasn’t bent.

“It got to the point when at work, I would sit and work with my hand over my nose so people couldn’t see it from the side,” she admitted.

“I didn’t have the money for a nose job.

“It was at work that someone said to me about non-surgical rhinoplasty (I had never heard of this before).”

Marina shared how the filler rhinoplasty procedure was: “I then did some research and found Amish at Intrigue Cosmetic Clinic, went for a consultation, he talked me through everything.

“The procedure itself is not long at all.

“For me it is not painful, Amish numbs the area and you feel a slight pressure but that is it. I could go back to work straight after.

“There was no recovery time which was amazing.”

Marina explained how her life has drastically changed since the procedure.

“It completely changed my life!

“The moment that Amish held the mirror up to show me the result, I burst into tears!

“The transformation was perfect!

“My confidence has blossomed. I will take photos with my children, I can go to interviews.

“I have re joined a musical theatre group and it’s such a weight off my shoulders as I am no longer anxious about how my nose looks!

“Loving life now,” Marina said.

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