Woman says she found 'secret message' from Starbucks barista

Buying a drink from a coffee shop can be an entertaining experience, especially if your name is spelled completely inaccurately.

But for one woman, a note written on her coffee cup was more of a surprise than the spelling of her name.

Ashley Wilkins claims that on her last trip to Starbucks, the barista added in a secret message.

The amused customer took to TikTok to share the message the barista – who she named Starbucks Steve – had left her.

Ashley shared a video of the cup which had ‘secret message’ written on it with an arrow pointing down.

At the bottom of the cup, certain words from the warning label were crossed out to spell the words ‘careful, you’re extremely hot’.

Ashley thought the whole thing was a laugh and that the server’s method was pretty smooth, though she was a little taken aback.

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The TikTok video ended up receiving more than 1.5 million views.

Many were hoping for a romance between Ashley and the server however, she wrote in the comments that she had gone to the coffee shop with her husband.

Plenty of users lauded the move, saying: ‘Starbucks Steve is smooth,’ and ‘what a legend, he deserves a date’.

Others poked fun at his misspelling, ‘secrete’, quipping: ‘That’s awesome, even if secret is spelled wrong’.

Another joked: ‘He secreted message all over your cup. I’d be worried about what you’re drinking’.

Ashley replied to the comment saying: ‘My drink was just a hot coffee with pumpkin flavour and cream (hopefully clean cream).’

A few suggested he was using the French spelling of secret.

The TikTokker said it was all a laugh and that she hopes someone else has their day made with something like this.

As for her husband, he also found the whole thing funny though he was sad not to receive a little note on his coffee order.

Next time, bud.

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