Woman sent creepy texts by date who looked completely different to his photos

A woman was sent a string of cruel and creepy texts for two hours after she fled an ‘awkward’ Bumble date 20 minutes in.

The Vegas woman, who posted a video sharing the string of texts on TikTok, wrote in a caption in the clip that the man made her ‘uncomfortable’ and that he ‘was nothing like his photos’.

The series of messages from the man – saved in her phone only as ‘Mike – Bumble’ – included such highlights as: ‘Like that was soo rude, I’ve never felt so offended you were boring as f*** anyways’ and ‘Stupid ass h** in Vegas’ [sic].

Seemingly also trying to convince her she made a mistake, his texts also read: ‘Lol just so you know I’m worth over half a million dollars and in 6 months I have over 1.5 mil saved,’ and ‘I still would have made your p***y purrrrrr’ [sic].

The woman, who posts under the username terat85, explained the date further in a series of subsequent videos, saying that she decided to give the guy a chance, but it was ‘awkward’.

During their date she said Mike ironically remarked with surprise that she didn’t catfish him, and commented on her tattoo, saying she didn’t look like the type of person to get tattoos because she looked ‘a little stuck up.’

She also described how he said his job was to ‘make sure people are having good times at parties’.

He added: ‘They call me “rave daddy”‘ before showing her a tattoo that read ‘daddy’ on his hip.

Soon after, she told the man her friend needed help as an excuse to leave, and he proceeded to bombard her with the messages.

In one of the videos, she explains: ‘It was the weirdest most awkward situation, but my gut feeling said “leave” so I just went with it and I left.

‘I had dated a narcissist for a few years, and I am starting to learn the red flags and if you’re not comfortable in a situation you need to leave. It’s just going to get worse.

‘Nothing could have made that date any better.’

Commenters on the video showing his messages – which now has over 60,000 likes – have been shocked by his conduct, with one writing: ‘Serious question. Are men okay?’

Another commented: ‘He just repeated himself. Clearly unhinged. You dodged a major bullet!!’

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