Woman’s ‘awesome’ oven cleaning hack gets oven sparkling using dishwasher pods

A woman shared a hack to remove grease build-up inside oven doors using a common homeware item.

Dr Sarah Lorei, 46, from Pennsylvania, US, said it took her about 30 minutes to transform her greasy oven to a glossy kitchen appliance.

Posting on her TikTok account, the dentist shows the double-glazed oven door before the clean.

It is covered in streams of oily grease and grime spots – but not for long!

She takes out a bag of Finish MAX in 1 dishwasher tablets and unwrap the plastic cover from one of the pods and starts scrubbing it on the surface.

Her instruction is simple: "Unwrap and scrub with dry pod to remove build up."

As she glides it across the glass door, the grime build-up crystallises and instantly comes off the surface.

Sarah says: "I used six pods and it took about 30 minutes."

She wipes residue off the oven door and reveals a glossy spot-free glass.

The clip has been viewed more than 5,700 times and viewers branded it an "awesome" life hack.

One woman commented with a "mind-blown" emoji and another wrote: "NEAT."

A third said: "Awesome video."

And a forth viewer suggested: "Try a magic eraser next time. Works miracles."

In other news, a woman has showed off the impressive transformation of her dirty oven using just a 89p cleaning product.

Meanwhile, another cleaning guru made herself a DIY solution with three cooking ingredients to keep the oven spotless.

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