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A woman's trip to the car wash went horribly wrong.

Shib, from Hawaii, took her seven-year-old Nissan for a clean in an automatic machine.

But as soon as the powerful jet washers sprayed down on her vehicle, she realised something had gone awry.

When she was sitting in her motor, she noticed water flooding in behind the glove box.

Posting onto TikTok, Shib says: "I don't know what to do. Um, uh haha. I don't know what to do!"

She pans the camera to show the soapy water flowing down from the windscreen and down into her car – right by the passenger's seat.

Shib was locked inside her car and couldn't stop the car-washing process.

Some viewers tried to make light of her situation and asked: "Did you specify outside car wash only?"

"Swimming pool in your car is a fancy feature," another joked.

Shib took her 2015 Nissan Versa to a mechanic the day after and explained to her viewers that she has never had any problem with car washes.

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She stated that her doors and windows were shut during the car wash.

"Yes I should have honked as soon as it happens. I was already on my phone and I was just going through emotions," the TikToker said, then it cuts to a video which the mechanic pointed out what caused the water flooding in.

The mechanic said: "So your drains were clogged on the exterior under your hood — one drain here and one drain there had all these debris blocking it.

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"That's causing it to build up, which were then leaked into your re-circulation, your air-conditioner.

"And it go in there but now we are clearing the clog for you."

Shib also advised people to be aware of similar situations in their cars and said "honk your car if you are in a situation like me".

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