A strange food hack promises you the best fish and chips of your life and it's all about how you apply the vinegar.

In a TikTok video watched 3 million times, user @onlyscrans shows a plate full of battered fish and a generous portion of chips, with curry sauce and gravy in the background.

Instead of drizzling vinegar over the meal, they pull out a spray bottle and point the nozzle on their fish dinner.

The even spray of vinegar is supposed to make the meal even more delicious and end the problem of having crispy chips made soggy.

It proved to be a controversial hack though, with some viewers admitting the method and others defending the taste and texture of soggy chips.

One user commented: "This is so useful. I've had this problem for some time now there I have too much vinegar but not anymore! You are a scholar."

"Also, put vinegar on before the salt so the salt sticks and isn't washed off," shared a second fan.

Noticing a possible issue with the hack, a third wrote: "Love vinegar sprayed all over my table."

Another insisted: "The soggy vinegar-soaked chips at the bottom of the cone are the best ones."

Someone else commented: "Actually an uneven application is what makes it great because it varies the taste of the chips."

A My London journalist tried out the neat hack and was totally won over, writing: "My roommates did give me some very odd looks when they walked in to see me decanting vinegar like I was doing a science project in the kitchen.

"But after trying it, I wouldn’t do it any other way.

"After a couple of sprays (okay, more than a couple) my chips were perfectly, evenly covered in vinegar."

They said the tip meant there "wasn't one disappointing chip" in the whole takeaway.

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