Zara Tindall: Expert on ‘reputation as royal rebel’

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Zara Tindall, who turned 41 today, is a professional equestrian who also happens to be the Queen’s granddaughter. Her mother, Princess Anne, chose against giving her children royal titles in a similar way that her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips, refused a royal title. This allowed Zara and her older brother, Peter Phillips, to live a more private life and not as a working member of the Royal Family.

Judi James, a body language expert, analysed Zara’s appearances at recent royal events to see how she manages those occasions without an official title.

She said: “Of all the Royal Family, Zara is the one with the most natural-looking body language.

“In many ways, she looks like the free spirit of the Firm.

“The one who looks authentically happy and relaxed most of the time.

“She seems the one to lift the mood at royal events and the one who really does look the most comfortable with who she is and how she lives her life,” the expert claimed.

Is this because Zara was raised without a royal title?

Judi explained: “It would be easy to imagine this is a result of her not taking a royal title.

“But the non-verbal signals that Zara sends out suggest that these traits mainly stem from inside.

“She still appears at formal and informal royal events and she is clearly in the public and press eye as much as many of the other royals.

“But unlike most of them, she seems to be able to behave as though she is not under pressure to be on her best behaviour.

“Some royal rebels have also thought like this but it’s really only Zara who is able to do it but without causing controversy.”

Does this reflect Zara’s “confidence” or depict her as “rebellious”?

Judi said: “This ability to ‘be herself’ but not attract negative publicity by appearing spoilt or rebellious or suffering from feelings of entitlement suggests high levels of inner confidence teamed with a happy, relaxed and empathetic nature.

“Her lack of anxiety signals suggest she tends to see the best in people around her and that possibly includes the public, too.”

How similar is this to her mother Princess Anne, and husband Mike Tindall?

Judi added: “Like her mother and her husband, Zara is also unlikely to suffer from the Imposter Syndrome.

“All three have proved their skills and abilities in the sporting field outside the Royal Family.

“All three are probably fully aware that they would have got where they are now with or without a royal title.”

Zara and Mike live out in Gloucestershire with their three children, Mia, eight, Lena, three, and Lucas, one.

They will most likely be celebrating Zara’s birthday at home on the Gatcombe Park estate.

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