IT'S sixteen years to the day since Roy Keane sensationally left Manchester United following a scathing attack on his Old Trafford team-mates.

Keane, 50, slammed his colleagues on MUTV which ultimately led to him being axed by Sir Alex Ferguson.

After 480 Manchester United appearances Keane embarked on a stunning rant directed at the club's players, which MUTV decided was not fit to air.

In response to his comments Fergie raged: "You don't criticise any Manchester United player outside the doors. I have never done and I won't."

But the damage was already done as Keane left the club for Celtic soon after.

After spells as a manager Keane turned to punditry with Sky and ITV, where he remains as out-spoken as ever.

He's famed for his no-nonsense criticism and hilarious rants which prove he hasn't lost any of the fire in his belly from when he was a player.

Here SunSport takes a look at the Irishman's most epic rants over the years.

Harry Maguire's celebration vs Albania

Keane's most recent rant shoots straight onto the list of his highlight reels.

His reaction to Maguire putting his hands over his ears after scoring against Albania is nothing short of priceless.

Keane raged: "Puts his hands to his ears like he shutting the critics up. But I think that’s embarrassing.

"He's been a disgrace the last couple months for Manchester United. He thinks if he scores there, he's going to shut his critics up. Embarrassing."


Slamming Jose Mourinho in 2017

Keane accused Manchester United of being 'too big' for Mourinho back in 2017 after the boss complained of fixture congestion.

Keane hit out: "He’s manager of Manchester United, one of the biggest clubs on the planet – the squad he’s got, the players, and he keeps moaning about fixtures and fatigue.

He went on to say: "The guy is talking absolute nonsense. I never heard such rubbish in all my life.

"Maybe the club is too big for him. He can’t deal with all these demands of the match – what matches? Cup competitions? Man Utd reserves could have won that game tonight. Sick to death of him."

Grabbing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for his team selection

Another recent entry from Keane's list of meltdowns came with Manchester United 1-0 down to Manchester City at half time in the derby earlier this month.

Keane said he would GRAB Solskjaer for his team selection and seethed: "If Ole walked in here now I'd grab him and say why are you playing Fred?"

Two priceless rants from the same game – with this one again from last month's derby defeat to Manchester City.

The performance was so bad at half time Keane claimed 'I give up.' as he conceded: "These are international footballers I can’t understand the defending.

"I give up. I’m driving down here today thinking, ‘I wonder, you know Man United will have their chance, they’re at home’. 

"They’ve been like this all season, giving up chances, and City got a little bit arrogant and gave them one or two chances, but it’s two at the moment, unless United do something drastic it’ll be another four or five."

Man Utd players 'get away with murder'

Keane did not hold back after Mourinho was sacked from Old Trafford in December 2018.

And despite being out-spoken in his criticism of Mourinho, he blamed the players for getting the Portuguese boss sacked.

During an appearance on the BBC, he tore into the squad for throwing their boss 'under the bus,' calling them 'weak'.

He fumed: "I do think the players get away with murder, the way they hide behind the manager. They’ve thrown him under the bus.

"People have said that Mourinho has been falling out with players…well you would fall out with them when players turn up overweight, or players aren’t training properly.

"Then for some of them to down tools… shame on them. I’m not Mourinho’s biggest fan, but I can’t tolerate footballers who hide behind their agents, or their friends in the media.

"People say I’m a bit old school; I call it good school. No matter what’s going on at your club, you go out and give it your all. The idea that these players may be a little bit upset…and it’s not just at United. The modern player, they aren’t just weak players, they are very weak human beings."

David De Gea and Maguire performances vs Tottenham

Keane treated footy fans to this comedy gold after United trailed Spurs 1-0 at half-time in one of the first games during project restart following lockdown.

He ranted: "An established international goalkeeper? I am flabbergasted.

Before going on to say: "Maguire and De Gea… I wouldn't even let them on the bus after the match. Get a taxi back to Manchester.

"These are established international players and we're all sitting here and I know we have to analyse the game… analyse it until the cows come home. You do your job."

He than sank back into his chair and saying: "Shocking, I am disgusted with it."

Before launching into De Gea: "I am sick to death of this goalkeeper, I would be fighting him at half time. There is no getting away from that I would be swinging punches at that guy."

Football's NOT coming home…

Proud Irishman Keane wasn't caught up in the excitement that swept the nation during England's brilliant run to the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup.

He had no time for celebrations, claiming: "You have to focus just on one game but everyone's talking about the final… that football's coming home.

"I don't mind you being happy but you're getting carried away, you were planning the final and where the parades were.

"You can get excited about it when you get to the final – this was the semi-final."

Reacting to Jamie Carragher's combined Man Utd and Liverpool team

Keane was actually left speechless when Jamie Carragher left Ryan Giggs out of his combined Man Utd and Liverpool all-time XI.

Keane sat back in shock and simply said: "I'm stunned."

Liverpool and Man Utd players hugging in the tunnel

Keane was staggered when players from two of the country's biggest rivals were seen being pally with each other before a game in 2019, fuming: "You're going to war. Hugging and kissing, don't even look at them.

"You're going to battle against them. The game hasn't changed that much, the players have. Maybe chat to them after the game. Actually, don't even chat to them after the game."

Not watching Liverpool if they were playing in his back garden

Keane made these comments in 2017, and after winning the Champions League and Premier League since then it's safe to say they haven't aged well.

He joked: "It's hard to figure out Liverpool at the moment I think it's hard to get excited about them, to me they're going nowhere fast.

"There's not too much to say about Liverpool, I think if Liverpool were playing in my back garden I wouldn't watch them."

Jesse Lingard's clothing brand

Perhaps saving the best until last, needless to say Keane wasn't impressed with Lingard launching a clothing brand just days before facing bitter rivals Liverpool three years ago.

An exasperated Keane slammed Lingard and hilariously criticised him for having ventures other than football.

He ranted: "If there was a good strong dressing room that wouldn't be tolerated. That's why I worry about the United dressing room. That wouldn't be tolerated in a good dressing room from a young player, who's still learning his trade.

"Again, he could be the nicest kid in the world, I don't know the lad. But if you're coming out with all that nonsense.

"People say you should have other stuff outside of football, but I don't think you should. I think football should be your number one priority. It should be. Focus on the game.

"Don't hide behind your cars or tattoos or your girlfriends or agents. Play the game. You can do all that stuff when you retire."

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