The Gunners must now beat Burnley on the last day and hope Spurs lose to Everton with an eight-goal swing if they want to take the domestic route to the Champions League.

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  • Helen Rowe-WillcocksMay 6, 20197:38 am

  • Samuel StreetMay 5, 20197:39 pm

    AARON RAMSEY was reduced to tears as he said goodbye to Arsenal after eleven years at the club.

    The midfielder, who will join Juventus in the summer, wore a suit as he was paraded around the pitch at the final whistle of the draw against Brighton.

    An emotional Ramsey said: “It's been a hell of a journey.

    “Eleven years of my life and so much has happened in that. When I look back, you can tell by my voice how much it means to me.

    “I'm just very thankful for the opportunity to play for this great club and spend so many years [with Arsenal].

    “I came here at 17 years old – a boy. I'm really leaving a man, I've got a family. So much has happened, so I'm just grateful for the opportunity.

    “Obviously, I'm really excited for the new challenge, the new chapter in my life but today is all about where I grew up: here.

    “So I just want to take this in today and then let it settle in for a few days before I can really look forward and concentrate on [Juventus].”

    Meanwhile Nacho Monreal was embroiled in a storm after being accused of diving to win Arsenal a penalty against the Seagulls.

    And an agent close to Arsene Wenger has reportedly contacted Newcastle with a view to wrapping up a deal for the Frenchman to take over from Rafa Benitez if he chooses to leave.

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