FANS were left stunned as Monika Tochlikova made history in her first MMA fight.

It is not every day that a fighter performs a submission no-one has heard off.

And it is even rarer for that scenario to occur during a professional debut inside the cage.

But that is exactly what occurred last night at Bellator 247 when Tochlikova secured a beautiful scorpion crunch submission of Jade Jorand.

The pole was competing in the opener of Bellator 247 in Milan when she found the unique submission in the second round of her atomweight fight.

Battling up from bottom position, Tochlokiva managed to secure her arms and legs around Jorand’s midsection.

That was described as a ‘superguard’ by commentator John McCarthy.

She then put the squeeze on her fellow debutant with the extremely rarely seen Scorpion Crunch, which you can watch above, which forced Jorand to tap.

Both McCarthy and viewers of the event were left gobsmacked after witnessing the manoeuvre and Twitter soon exploded.

One fan wrote: “Thats the first time I've ever seen a super guard technique utilized in the cage, what a fascinating finish!”

Another said: “WOW Tochlikova with a scorpion crunch!!”

A fellow viewer wrote: “Welcome to Bellator Monika Tochlikova. Getting her first win in MMA with a  rare scorpion crunch submission.”

While another tweeted: “Always a treat seeing a technique used in the sport for the first time!”

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