Cardinals’ Molina enraged by collision that hospitalized Angels’ Lucroy: ‘Bulls–t’

The baseball world held its breath on Sunday night when Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy was carted off the field after a brutal collision at home plate against the Astros.

Pinch runner Jake Marisnick took off for home with the game tied at 10 in the eighth inning, barreling through Lucroy, knocking him to his back with his head slamming into the dirt. The former All-Star struggled to collect himself while athletic trainers smothered his face with towels to stop a bloody nose.

Lucroy managed to walk himself over to the waiting cart, but was visibly shaken up. The team later announced that he was transported to a hospital for a CT scan and would be evaluated for a possible concussion and broken nose.

Fellow catcher Yadier Molina of the Cardinals took to Instagram on Sunday night to express his concerns about the incident, an expletive-laced post that he’s no stranger to constructing.

“Bulls–t!!! MLB need to take action on this bulls–t play!” Molina wrote. “Praying for Lucroy! Slide slide slide f–k! F–k u if u think this is ok.”

Four f-bombs and a gruesome photo of Lucroy’s neck during the collision later, Molina took to the comments to battle anyone who disagreed with his stance on the incident. Even when Marisnick’s teammate Carlos Correa, who played for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic with Molina, attempted to explain the circumstances, Molina wasn’t accepting it.

Correa wasn’t the only Astros player to try and answer for the massive crash. Marisnick gave his side of things following Houston’s 11-10 win.

“For me,” Marisnick, who was called out on the play, said, “I was running, and I see him taking a step up the line like he’s going to drop and go back, so I try to take an in step and slide headfirst on the inside corner. I watched the play again, and he drops right in front of me. Once I kind of made a decision, it was too late. It was a bad play, and I hope he’s OK.”

It’s unclear if Marisnick’s move was intentional, but Angels manager Brad Ausmus is calling on the league to consider a suspension.

“It certainly didn’t look like a clean play,” Ausmus said. “I don’t know what actually happened, but it looked like Marisnick took a step to the left and bowled into him with his arm up. The call was right. Really, I think Major League Baseball should probably take a look at it. Consider some type of suspension, quite frankly.”

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