Chelsea thought Christensen was fouled by Grealish but poor reaction sums up Lampard's players

CHELSEA failed to beat Aston Villa this evening in a very bland match piling even more pressure on Blues boss Frank Lampard.

After just one win now in five matches, Lampard will be feeling the heat even more after only managing a 1-1 draw with Aston Villa.

His side went 1-0 up in the first half, but instead of going ahead and completing the job, their weak mentalities showed and they folded under the pressure.

The sequence leading up to Aston Villa’s goal and what happened after it perfectly sums up Lampard’s players.

Andreas Christensen went down believing he was fouled by Jack Grealish.

The referee did not give the free kick, and instead of sorting themselves out and covering the player on the floor, Chelsea panicked and failed to stop and deal with a cross that lead to Villa’s equaliser.

Christensen stayed on the floor the whole time, only to pick himself right back up again and be absolutely fine as soon as the goal went in.

Can you imagine John Terry doing that? No, is the answer, and this is part of the problem.

Weak minds and a lack of desire; he should have been back up playing to the whistle and getting back in to help his team defend.

Chelsea were on the front foot before the equaliser, and they should have gone on and won the match.

But instead of fighting back after the goal, heads dropped and they felt too aggrieved because they thought Christensen was fouled for the goal.

But a ref is not going to change a decision, and Chelsea should have been picking themselves up and going straight back out for the winning goal.

Bar a few late dangerous moments and some short decent spells – they showed absolutely nothing on the pitch and failed to win a game that they simply needed to win to bounce back from a poor run of matches.

Whether you want to blame the coach or the players, the fact of the matter here is that the team completely lack any kind of confidence or belief in themselves.

Chelsea needed a response after that equaliser, Christensen needed to get back to his feet and put 100 per cent effort in to defending his goal just like Terry would have done.

But none of it came and Chelsea drop two more crucial points.

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