GEORGINA RODRIGUEZ has revealed how she was 'ugly' when growing up while hitting out at those jealous of her.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his model partner may live a life of riches and luxury but it hasn't always been the case.

As a teenager, she lived in a cramped, shared house and worked as a £250-a-week shop-girl in Huesca, Spain.

Rodriguezmoved to Bristol as a 17-year-old where she got a job as an au pair for a family to work on her English.

Her father also served ten years in jail for two drugs trafficking offences.

But now Rodriguez, 26, lives the high life alongside Ronaldo who is pocketing around £540,000-a-week at Juventus.

Ronaldo also grew up in a poor family in Madeira and revealed in an interview with Piers Morgan last year that he used to beg for burgers as a kid at Sporting Lisbon.

And Rodriguez revealed how the couple still don't feel accepted by those of a higher class.

In an interview with Mujer Hoy, she said: "I have a motto 'whatever you do, you will be criticised.'

"People are very envious of my partner and myself. Envy is a feeling that rots the human being, does not make them evolve and fills them with hatred and resentment.

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"It seems it's better to be rich from birth rather than improve and prosper having started from the same point as most people."

Rodriguez is one of the most popular celebrities on Instagram with a staggering 21.5million followers.

She has bagged a string of profitable modelling contracts including posing for Vogue.

But she claims how nobody could have predicted her rise because she was the 'ugly duckling'.

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Rodriguez added: "When I was little I was an ugly duckling and I have been turning into a swan.

"At birth, no one would have said that she would be beautiful later.

"They've always told me that [laughs]. I love myself as I am, with imperfections. Nobody is perfect. But we are unique. That is already special in itself."


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