Gregg Williams’ shot at the Jets offense went over about as well as his defense has played this year.

When the Jets defensive coordinator was asked on Friday about the team giving up 32.2 points per game, Williams said it wasn’t good but “a lot of it’s not all defensively.” Asked what he was referring to, Williams replied, “yeah, you’ll have to figure that out.”

That comment made its way back to head coach Adam Gase, who spoke to reporters before Williams on Friday but made it clear to CBS that he wasn’t happy with the thinly veiled criticism.

“That’s not what we need,” Gase told CBS in a production meeting Saturday night, according to the broadcast. “No one is pointing fingers. We all need to pull in the same direction.

“Everyone needs to shut up and play.”

The CBS broadcast also showed Gase and Williams having what appeared to be a pointed conversation on the field before the Jets took on the Dolphins.

The Jets had plenty of problems entering Sunday’s game in Miami, though it wasn’t limited to one side of the ball. Their offense was last in the league in points per game (15), second-to-last in yards per game (279.4) and had the third-lowest time of possession in 26:29 per game. Their lack of ball movement led to opposing offenses starting on average at their own 31-yard-line.

But the defense had been almost equally as bad, with the team giving up 32.2 points (second-worst in the NFL) and 394.2 yards (sixth-most) entering Sunday’s game. Williams’ unit was also guilty of racking up penalties, especially personal fouls, which had plagued the Jets through their 0-5 start.

“[Giving up 32.2 points per game] is not a very good number and a lot of it’s not all defensively, but you know it’s not a very good number, and as points on the board, we’ve got to do a good job with that and how you do that is make them kick more field goals, got to do a better job in field-position type things and as you see the scoring is up in the league, but it still makes me sick,” Williams said Friday. “All the players I’ve been places I always talk about setting defense back 100 years, because you got to be able to place very strict, stringent defense and the biggest part of it is, when they get into those scoring areas, make them kick field goals, don’t let them cross the goal line.”

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