Inside Jake Paul's home gym including TWO rings in his LA mansion and back garden with YouTuber 'training everyday'

JAKE PAUL has committed himself to boxing so much his Los Angeles mansion is now a gym.

The YouTuber has won his first two pro fights, the second of which was a viral knockout against ex-NBA star Nate Robinson.

The life of a multimillionaire social media sensation has afforded Paul the luxury of turning his home into a boxing gym.

The 23-year-old has a ring in his LIVING ROOM as well as outdoors in his back garden.

He also has a room attached to his home full of boxing bags, running machines and weight equipment.

Helping mould the internet phenomenon into a fully-fledged boxer is ex-cruiserweight BJ Flores and super-middleweight J'Leon Love.

Love is the No2 cornerman, but is widely recognised as one of Floyd Mayweather's former proteges, with the pair still life-long friends.

The 33-year-old has been blown away with Paul's commitment which he insists far surpasses the average fighter.

Love told SunSport: "A lot of people are stamping him as a 'YouTuber' but take that away and then you'd say he's a boxer.

"He wants to learn, and I see what people don't see in terms of dedication.

"This kid's got two big boxing rings in his house. One in his living room and one in his backyard and a whole gym on the side of his home dedicated to boxing.

"He's in the gym training everyday, whether it's in Vegas or LA, he's in the gym."

Love has been around Paul's circle of Hollywood pals for years but only this year joined his team as a trainer.

And he revealed he was instantly drawn to the YouTube sensation.

Love said: "We wake up in the morning and call sparring partners, professionals, he pays them like a training camp.

"That's what attracts me to him. He's dedicated and has the will to learn."

Paul won his debut in February stopping 'AnEsonGib' in one round.

He then returned in November and left Robinson, 36, out cold having dropped him three times in two rounds.

Paul has since become public enemy No1 inside the boxing business for his audacious callouts, including of ex-UFC champion Conor McGregor.

But Love is well schooled in the importance of hype, with Mayweather's career as the pay-per-view king proving playing the villain is far more lucrative as a prizefighter.

He explained: "Jake's marketing strategy is 100 per cent ill.

"What he brings, if you take the blueprint of his marketing strategy you can really uplift you're game, he's the most talked about fighter with just two fights.

"Whether it's bad or good everybody's talking about him, wanting to see him fight."

Paul's brother Logan, 25, has also crossed over to boxing, but lost his debut by split-decision against his rival KSI, 27, by split-decision.

Somehow, it landed him an exhibition fight with Mayweather, 43, set for February 2021.

But according to Love, his former mentor has been paying more attention to younger brother Jake.

He revealed: "Floyd calls me on a regular and says, 'Yo, you're doing a good job, be smart'.

"He says, 'Keep this kid on the right track, you're doing a good job'.

"Floyd says, 'Just keep him sharp, keep working with him, make sure he's taking it serious'."

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