Man Utd stars Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial go bald for dramatic new looks during coronavirus lockdown – The Sun

CAPTAIN'S POG… To baldly go where Antony Martial has gone before.

Paul Pogba has followed Manchester United and France team-mate Anthony Martial in showing its "lockdown, locks off" during social distancing to combat coronavirus.

Premier League superstars and the ret of the country have been looking for fringe benefits to an otherwise grim pandemic for Britain and the world.

And in an effort to keep themselves, as well as their social media fans, entertained, the Old Trafford duo have gone for a look as minimalist as the country's new lifestyle as the nation combats the spread of Covid-19.

Football clubs have put their players on strict, often personalised fitness regimes.

And while those people with coronavirus are in self isolation, all others are in lockdown, going outside just for once-a-day exercise or to buy food or medicine.

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