ROBERT Lui knows where he may be without rugby league – jail.

And if it was not for living in the UK, the Leeds star may be the same type of person that landed himself with ‘problems’ back in Australia.

Despite learning so much over the last six years, he has still found it hard without his partner and children after they returned to Townsville, Queensland in March.

But even if it all ends for him at Wigan tonight he does not know when he will head home because of the draconian coronavirus regulations.

Lui, banned by the NRL for months after admitting assaulting Tahleah Backo in 2012, said: “I had problems back home, so I had to find myself over here.

“English people are tough people and you learn to fall into that – especially when I was at Salford, a working class community.

“It’s made me a better father. I didn’t have any family over here so it’s made me who I am. When you’re that far from home, you learn a few things.

“But having my family in Townsville has been tough. I sent them home so we could get the boys in school, especially my eldest, who’s autistic. I’m happy they’re happy but seeing them on FaceTime just isn’t the same.

“However, I’m still not guaranteed a way home, the Australian Government’s being a bit difficult. Everyone is on a central list for flights and currently I’d have to do two weeks’ quarantine wherever I land then another two weeks in Queensland. I might not be home until January!”

Half-back Lui, 31, still hopes to be involved in rugby league at local level when he eventually returns to Australia.

That, though, would mean taking on a day job and he revealed the varied options in front of him as he added: “I could do teacher aid at my old school, a mining job while playing for the local team in Mackay or youth justice work.

“I just want to get into the country first though!”

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