RONNIE O’Sullivan gets among the colours during a painting session with art legend Damien Hirst.

Ronnie, 45, swapped his snooker cue for a brush — and daubed his pockets, sleeves and trousers.

He and Damien, 56, were spotted taking a breather at the artist’s studios in Hammersmith, West London.

A source said: “It was brilliant seeing two maestros of their fields in the same frame.”

Ronnie has told how he enjoys relaxing with pots of paint.

And he said of his work with pal Damien, famed for his spot painting Valium in 2000: “We get together, mix a few paints up, get the old ­stirring pot out, put it all on a canvas.

“He'll ask: 'What do you reckon of that?' I say I like it and he replies: 'If you like it, then it’s good enough.' “I love painting with him. It’s very therapeutic. What do we paint? Anything and everything.

“It’s great being around Damien, watching what he does. He’s amazing.

“He watches me in my world and it’s lovely. When I watch him, when I see what he does, it’s fantastic.

"He’s like bang, bang, bang with ideas. He’s on another level. It looks so much better when he does it.”

Maybe Damien can give him a big break in the art world.

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