Luckily for Jets fans, Sam Darnold isn’t the only quarterback ever to see ghosts.

“That’s a term that (former Packeras coach) Mike Holmgren would say to me quite often, my first one, two, three years with the Packers,” NFL legend Brett Favre said Tuesday on SiriusXM NFL Radio, according to Pro Football Talk. “It’s not a new term.”

“Seeing ghosts,” as a mic’d up Darnold put it on the sidelines during the Jets 33-0 loss to the Patriots, refers to feeling defenders coming when they aren’t.

It’s the product of dominant defenses like the Pats, and leads to quarterbacks getting flustered in the pocket and making bad decisions.

Darnold threw four interceptions, and was 11-of-32 for just 86 yards in the embarrassing loss.

“It’s really nothing other than being a young player,” Favre continued of the second-year quarterback. “Being exposed to a lot of stuff, and really not so much thrown to the wolves — I don’t think (Jets head coach) Adam Gase did anything wrong. You’ve got to go in and play.

“You’ve got to go with all your guns blazing, and if he makes mistakes, he makes mistakes. The key is that you learn from them, and you’re going to make more. . .  Over time, the thought is that you see less and less, and you become very familiar with your offense, and I think that’s something that’s often overlooked. I mean, this is a new offense to him, and it’s not to Tom Brady and (Patriots offensive coordinator) Josh McDaniels.”

Gase was livid the soundbite — which instantly went viral — was broadcast on ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

“It bothers me,” he said. “It bothers the organization. We’re looking hard into our cooperation going forward.”

For more on Darnold and the Jets’ Week 7 loss to the Patriots, listen to this episode of the Jets podcast, “Gang’s All Here”:

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