David Fizdale claimed there’s no debate on whom the Knicks would take if they win Tuesday’s lottery.

“If we win the lottery, do we know who we’re taking?” the Knicks coach said in an appearance Wednesday morning on the “Dan Patrick Show.”


Patrick then quipped, “OK, let’s bring out Zion Williamson.” Fizdale laughed.

Asked the NBA comparison for Williamson, Fizdale said: “No one. He’s his own guy — unique.”

The Knicks have a 14 percent chance at victory and a 26.4 percent of a top-three pick. Williamson, the lefty power-forward magician from Duke, has long been regarded as the top pick, with Murray State point guard Ja Morant and Duke swingman RJ Barrett rounding out the top three.

Fizdale called Williamson and Morant “electric players.” He also indicated the Knicks likely won’t draft for need. The Post reported the Knicks consider power forward their biggest need and the two backcourt positions of equal need. Fizdale was not asked if they would trade the No. 1 pick for Anthony Davis — something Knicks brass has not ruled out.

“For us, our roster is so open from that standpoint, we can have a lot of things fit us right now,” Fizdale said. “Obviously, we always want the biggest talent.”

The NBA draft combine will follow the lottery next week in Chicago, where the Knicks will interview prospects. Fizdale said player workouts in Tarrytown won’t start until late May.

Fizdale said interviews are sometimes more vital.

“Huge,” he said. “I want to know the true kid. I want to know who they are. I want to hear the truth from them. I want to hear honest answers. I want to hear the raw. We do so much background on these guys, and so when we start getting into their background, you can ask pointed questions to get into the character of the kid, type of worker they are, how hungry they are, what kind of leader they are. I like to hear that face to face.”

As the playoffs heat up without the Knicks, Fizdale continued a relentless national media tour since they finished the regular season with a league-worst 17-65 record four weeks ago. Fizdale presented Patrick, whose studio is in Milford, Ct., with the symbolic autographed ax the Knicks carried with them on the road during all the losing.

Fizdale had all the players sign the ax as a commitment to the patience needed for “chopping down a tree.”

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