Tyson Fury vs Tom Schwarz, LIVE: Latest updates round by round

Tyson Fury vs Tom Schwarz, LIVE: Latest boxing updates round by round from MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas

  • Tyson Fury and Tom Schwarz meet at the MGM Grand Arena on Saturday night
  • It will be the first time the self-proclaimed Gypsy King has fought in Las Vegas
  • Fury weighed in for the fight around two stone heavier than his opponent

Tyson Fury faces the undefeated Tom Schwarz in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

The German vowed to retire to from the sport should he inflict his first defeat on the Gypsy King this weekend as Fury fights for the first time since his epic encounter with Deontay Wilder in LA.

Fury will walk to the ring at approximately 4am BST, with the fight getting underway closer to 5am. Here, Sportsmail’s JORDAN SEWARD will provide you with round-by-round updates for the big fight in the States.

Host commentator

Hart clips Barrera with a right hand. It’s all the American is really throwing at the moment. Barrera seems to have regained his legs. Hart lands a massive left hand and floors Barrera. The Cuban didn’t think it was a fair knockdown and gets back up at the eight count. He comes out on the attack straight away but Hart evades his punches well to see out the round. Highlights showed the punch hit Barrera on the shoulder and gloves and knocked him off balance. It was harsh but that’s a 10-8 round for Hart now.

Both men seem to be taking a bit of a breather in this round. Not much clean work being done either. A hard one to score that.

The main event is near! 

Hart is swinging some wild hooks and Barrera counters well with a good right in the centre of the ring. Hart times a big right and lands another to wobble Barrera. Somehow the Cuban remains upright. He’s in real trouble and Hart can sense the end might be near. He lands another great right hand but Barrera, from somewhere, finds the mettle to fire back and survive the round.

Hart superbly times a short right hand on the inside. He seems to have recovered from the last round but both men have been a bit quieter this round.  

Hart lands a solid overhand right and follows it up with another to rock Barrera to his boots. Hart is really going for it now and putting everything into these shots. Barrera somehow survives and gets a few decent shots of his own off but Hart again rocks him with a huge right hook. There’s some real venom in these punches. Barrera lands a massive right hand and Hart flies back on to the ropes. He sees out the round but walks back to his corner on unsteady legs. What an exciting round.

Hart falls in as he tries to get a left hook off and causes a clash of heads. This is becoming a bit of a slugfest already. Hart switches his attack up to go downstairs with two solid shots to the body. Barrera is trying to stick to his boxing but Hart is really loading up on his punches.

Hart lands a big looping right hand and pushes Barrera down. For some reason the referee scores no knockdown. Hart goes on the offensive and lands a huge uppercut to wobble the Cuban again. Barrera replies with a powerful left hook of his own. Hart screams ‘come on then.’ This is really heating up. Barrera sneaks in an uppercut on the inside. Hart’s big right lands flush to rock his man again. The American certainly has more snap in his shots.

Hart starts with a lovely right hand. Barrera tries to respond by pushing his man on to the back foot. Barrera goes down after a cheeky shot from Hart during a clinch. The referee rules no knockdown. Barrera gets his own back with a late shot as the two were separated. This is already a fiesty affair.

Here we go, the co-main event.

The giant screens showed Fury and his wife Paris arriving early, with him then rearranging the pillows on the massage table in his dressing room and settling back for a nap.

This caused wry amusement in the half empty arena. Most of the good folk here were probably too young to remember the old sepia photographs of Muhammad Ali sleeping in the hour or two before fights but they saw the funny side.

Then came a video of Schwarz  and his wife leaning across his dressing room table, with him yawning widely while she soothingly massaged his hands. That created some misgivings among those who had paid for tickets.

Was the German here to fight or fold? To bid  for glory or go home with his predicted rounded-up purse of a million dollars?

Superficially, at least, those pictures mirrored a certain level of disinterest in this alien event transported to the Las Vegas Strip.

Fury had done his charismatic best to hype the night but the upper tiers of the venue were hidden from view by black curtains. As he should with his nominal million registered the Nevada State Athletic Board expected to be boosted to $13 ½ million by ESPN, his television paymasters.

Here’s the tale of the tape.

‘I’m fighting for people who are suffering, to show you can be a shining light in dark places. I’ve come back from some real tough moments and I want to show people if I can do it then you can. 

‘This is for the depressed and the oppressed. This is going to be for you. We are going to go in there and have fun Gypsy King style.’

‘I train my whole life for this moment. This is a very big chance. I think a point win is not good for me, I will lose on points. I must win of KO. I will go looking for the KO.

‘I have a big heart, a big punch and big German balls.’

Is this a good or bad sign? He has insisted time and time again that he is not underestimating Schwarz, but this doesn’t look like a man who believes he is facing a dangerous fighter in about an hour’s time.

Crespo has a bit more snap in her punches but Mayer is that bit more accurate. Both have given it their all in this last round and the bell sounds to bring an action-packed contest to an end.

Both start the round on the front foot and trade in the centre of the ring. Crespo is still the aggressor but Mayer finishes the round on top with a real crisp accurate combination.

Crespo is throwing in bunches here. The majority are not hitting the target but Mayer needs to do more. She responds late into the round with a beautiful right-hand cross to stop her opponent in her tracks. A tough round to score that.

Crespo is not being deterred and is making a real go of this. She’s outworked her opponent in this round and landed the more eye-catching shots in the exchanges. It’s heating up nicely.

Crespo is again busy in this round but Mayer is definitely landing the better shots.

Mayer controlling the distance better in this round. Crespo still working hard to close the gap and lands a left hook flush. Mayer responds later in the round with a short right and a big uppercut. 

Mayer is really landing some stinging left hooks in this round. Crespo is still walking forward and looking to throw combinations but the quality more accurate stuff is coming from the American. 

Mayer starting to put a bit more weight into shots. She stops Crespo in her tracks with a sharp combination and is beginning to find the target at will. Both women exchange powerful hooks right on the bell to end another entertaining round.

Crespo starts on the front foot and lands an accurate right hand. She’s throwing in bunches and is letting her hands go. Mayer doing the more quality work but Crespo certainly the more aggressive and busier of the two. 

Mayer starts the round strong, picking her opponent off at will but Crespo comes back into it as she lands a few decent shots of her own. Intriguing opener.

10 rounds of female boxing in the lightweight division.

This is him minutes ago, with the fight just over an hour and a half away.

The German was 17-1 to win yesterday. He’s now 7-1 to win. Are they on to something. Will we see another major upset? 

Tyson Fury’s father believes the size of the challenge in front of Tom Schwarz is beginning to set in.

‘For me, he looks worried there,’ John Fury said. ‘I’ve never seen that before with his girlfriend or wife holding his hand.

‘I think it’s all coming home to roost now. He is realising that he has to fight and try and beat Tyson Fury.’

Issac Lowe defeated Duarn Vue with a unanimous decision victory to retain his WBC international featherweight title.

Bell wins by unanimous decision. A big win for him and the celebration says it all. He’s down on his knees and in tears. 96-92 on all three judges’ scorecards.

Bell lands a big left. Vences responds with a nice-looking right and then rocks his man with a huge left. Bell shows a good chin and the pair exchange. The bell goes to bring an entertaining fight to a close. I think Bell has got this one.

Vences fires in a big right hand but Bell answers back with a shot of his own. The former’s shot knocked Bell’s gum shield out. He’s gambling now and is looking for that big shot. Vences lands another powerful right hand. Vences really piling on the pressure here and is starting to land flush. A Vences round that one. It’s probably not going to be enough and we head into the final round.

Bell is timing his shots really well and the confidence is flowing. He seems more comfortable to trade in the centre of the ring now. Vences is still marching forward but Bell is tagging him often on the way in. Another round in the bank for Bell.

The two start the round on the front foot, fencing each other with stiff-looking jabs. Bell lands a quick one-two and wobbles Vences. Bell can sense blood and goes on the front foot. He can’t miss the target and Vences looks in serious trouble. He fights fire with fire but Bell’s punches are carrying the more weight. Big round for Bell that. Vences does well just to survive it.

Bit of quieter round this. Bell lands the best shot in this one with a nicely-timed right. Vences responds with a right hook of his own. Not too much action to get excited about in that round.

A solid right hook from Vences lands flush and causes Bell to go for the hold. Vences starting to look like he is going to be the man to come on top. He’s landed some hurtful punches in this round. Bell still looking composed and ends the round with several big right hands. Both men are really digging their shots in but neither look troubled yet. Best round of the fight that.

There’s a little bit more urgency in Vences’ work here. Seems to be some real weight behind these shots now. Bell reverts back to jabbing off the back foot to try and relieve some of the pressure. Vences definitely had the better of the exchanges in the early part of this round but Bell answers back by finishing strong. Another close one.

Bell using his long leavers to good affect, using his jab to keep his opponent at distance. Vences is still trying to walk his man down and is putting a lot into these shots. Bell goes down after an accidental headbutt. It’s a bad one but the referee is giving him a lot of time to recover. Both men finish the round by landing some nasty-looking shots. This is a good fight.

Bell is picking shots from awkward angles and looks to have that bit more snap behind them. Vecnes is still marching forward, looking to land shots of his own. He’s a bit more crude on the eye but is having moments of success. Another tight round to score.

Both men look to establish their jabs early on. Bell, with the longer reach, looks to have settled the quicker. He is doing the cleaner work but Vences finishes strong with an eye-catching two-punch combo. An interesting opening round.

Andy Vences vs Albert Bell gets underway in an all-American clash in the super featherweight division.

and welcome to this live blog of Tyson Fury’s heavyweight clash with Tom Schwarz.

Fury will be eager to impress on his Las Vegas debut while unbeaten German Schwarz has confirmed his only way of winning tonight is by going for the knockout. It’s sure to make for an intriguing affair, so make sure you stay with us for what promises to be a cracking night of boxing.

We will also be taking you through the undercard fights as they happen plus live updates from our man at ringside, Jeff Powell.

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