Vince McMahon was left irate by late change to WrestleMania XII main event clash between Triple H and Ultimate Warrior

WRESTLEMANIA may be a flagship event on the WWE calendar but it does not always go to plan, as Vince McMahon found in 1996.

Ultimate Warrior made his comeback to the company for Wrestlemania XII after a failed drugs test had led to a four-year absence.

Before a fight with Triple H, WWE producer Bruce Prichard has recounted how a late change to the fight plan created mayhem behind the scenes.

Talking on the Something To Wrestle podcast, the 58-year-old detailed last-minute talks before the showcase scrap.

He said: "We thought if anybody could lead Warrior to a big match and give him a big win, [Triple H] was it.

"It was never meant to be the short match that it became. Warrior changed it that day.

"I think Gerald Brisco was the agent and Warrior was like, ‘Nah, this is the match we’re gonna do’. Went back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and at that point, it’s get the match in the ring.

"Triple H was a pro and was like, 'Let’s just go do what we’ve gotta do and move on. We’ll deal with all the other s*** afterwards'."


Warrior's return lasted barely two minutes as he beat Triple H in California.

That left Prichard furious and he revealed how WWE chief McMahon was dismayed having watched the short-lived clash unfold before him.

He added: "I hated it.

"Vince watched it on-air live. He wasn’t really happy with it.

If he had beaten a guy with some type of challenge, it would have been a bigger win.

"I was just p***** off about it. I felt it was amusing that Vince wasn’t back there backstage and it wasn’t good.

"I didn’t think it did really much for Warrior. If he had beaten a guy that gave him some type of challenge, it would have been a bigger win.

"For me, I knew it beforehand, and I wasn’t happy with it when they went to the ring, and I was even less happy when they came back."

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