Steven Gerrard announced this week that Aston Villa have completley banned ketchup in a bid to improve player health and fitness.

This comes after the news that new Tottenham boss Antonio Conte had banned all condiments and fizzy drinks.

Why is ketchup banned in Premier League teams?

A number of coaches have argued that ketchup contributes to poor fitness levels.

Gerrard and Conte aren't the only ones who have been known to ban the use of the condiment, Fabio Capello and Paolo Di Canio have also done the same in the past.

Despite this extreme approach, Rick Miller, a London-based clinical sports dietitian has actually argued that it is not a big issue: “Frankly, it’s one of the least problematic issues in a professional footballers’ diet.

“Allowing high-quality condiments can enhance the taste of blander foods and encourage healthier eating habits.”

Former Tottenham boss Tim Sherwood slammed Conte for the ban, saying: "Well, don’t underestimate banning ketchup and mayo because they will all of a sudden start passing the ball to each other and scoring loads of goals.

“It’s normally the secret. No, what a load of nonsense.”

No matter how extreme the Italian's methods appear to be, there is no denying that they have been successful in the past as he has won six major trophies throughout his managerial career.

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