MADRID — The organizers of a women’s running race in Spain apologized Monday after the winner was offered a food processor to take home, sparking accusations of sexism.

The 7-kilometer Carrera de la Mujer women’s race issued a statement on Twitter saying it hadn’t considered the kitchen appliance — donated by a sponsor — would have sexist implications.

“We apologize but we consider this a product with no sexist character and ideal for any athlete who wants to improve their nutritional habits,” the statement said. “We regret if any woman felt offended.”

The organizers promised to “take measures” to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Serb national Ivana Zagorac won the race in 24 minutes, 7 seconds Sunday in an amateur event in which 32,000 women participated. The Madrid race coincided with Spain’s Mother’s Day and supports domestic violence and cancer survivors. It is held in other cities across Spain.

The food processor controversy went largely unnoticed until Ángela Rodríguez Pam, Spain’s secretary of state for equality, tweeted that the winner had received a food processor and others were given 0% fat products.

“If you win: housewife and if not at least you’ll lose weight,” Rodríguez Pam tweeted.

The race has previously featured T-shirts with the slogan: “Today, the girls win!”

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