WWE star Lacey Evans posts sexy selfie in sports bra with caption 'keep going' after Twitter beef with Cardi B

WWE's Lacey Evans shared a selfie urging her fans to 'keep going' after her tense Twitter exchange with Cardi B.

After a special edition WWE Raw went off the air last Monday night, the action continued on Twitter when Cardi B reacted to being mentioned on the show.


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WWE legend Torrie Wilson referenced Cardi B during a backstage segment with wrestler Angel Garza to distract him from making advances.

Wilson told him the rapper was in a room down the hall and he should go try to give her a rose instead.

The famous rapper responded by joking online: "WWWWTTTTFFFFFFFFF ….This is not how my wwe debut was supposed to be ! Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F***** DAYS !!!!"

As fans went wild on Twitter, WWE star Lacey Evans responded to Cardi B referencing her nemesis and physical fight with Nicki Minaj: "Careful what you wish for ya nasty….. we aren't @NICKIMINAJ You'll get sent home with more than a black eye."

In WWE, the lines between story and real-life can get blurred, and Cardi B fans began to think it was a serious feud.

Wrestling fans on Twitter began to speculate about a Wrestlemania match this year between the ex-marine and Grammy award-winning rapper: "GIVE ME CARDI AND LACEY AT MANIA @VINCEMCMAHON."

In a since-deleted tweet, Cardi B responds to Evans saying, "A white woman can't never put fear on me sweetie….Got me f****d up."

"I was showing love to WWE the whole night yesterday don't know where the f**k you came from with your unnecessary bull***."


Evans continued the tense exchange: "Aww bless your heart! @iamcardib U got it all wrong. I heard DEBUT and was giving you a friendly heads up!

"But since you wanna be a bad a**… keep me in mind when/if you show up to @WWE. Ill kick your a** while listening to your music. #PullUp."

Evans has caused a stir for her combined 2.5million followers over recent weeks after posting sexy pictures in red lingerie and revealing her surprise Christmas gift – a handgun with her eight-year-old's face on it.

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