WWE stars ‘fear more releases and demand McMahon stop TV taping and shut down Performance Center over Covid outbreak’ – The Sun

THE WWE are coming under pressure to halt recordings and shut down the Performance Center after a number of coronavirus cases within the promotion were confirmed.

Shows have remained virtually ever-present despite Covid-19, having returned in April after being deemed an "essential service" by the US state of Florida.

But the WWE are now in crisis mode, after as many as two dozen people within the Performance Center have tested positive for coronavirus – including fighters.

This was the first round of company-wide testing to take place… despite them having been back up and running for more than two months.

Adam Pearce, Renee Young, Jamie Noble, and Kayla Braxton have all confirmed their positive tests.

According to Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer, several fighters believe that now is the time to shut operations down and focus on combating the global pandemic.

But with a number of wrestlers having already been laid off during this period, there is a fear that any dissenters could be the next to go.

As many as 20 have already been let go by boss Vince McMahon during the pandemic.

And this list is headlined by the popular Kurt Angle.

Bulgarian Rusev was another to placed on furlough, as well as a further five WWE Nxt stars.

There are currently no plans to bring furloughed stars back.

Current stars are also concerned that they could have their pay frozen should they decide to sit out of tapings.

An official WWE statement on their financial situation last month read: “Due to COVID-19 and current government mandated impacts on WWE and the media business generally, the Company went through an extensive evaluation of its operations over the past several weeks.

“The Company’s reductions of employee compensation and headcount result in an estimated monthly savings of £3.2m along with cash flow improvement of £110m primarily from the deferral in spending on the Company’s new headquarters.

“Additionally, the Company has substantial financial resources, both available cash and debt capacity, which currently total approximately £400m, to manage the challenges ahead.

“Management continues to believe the fundamentals of the Company’s business remain strong and that WWE is well positioned to take full advantage of the changing media landscape and increasing value of live sports rights over the longer term.”

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