Ever since Alex (Liam Boyle) returned to Emmerdale, it has felt like he has been hiding something, and his actions in recent scenes have proved exactly that.

After telling girlfriend Naomi (Karene Peter) that he had secured a job interview at a restaurant in town, she was elated that he was getting back on his feet.

However, things didn’t seem to add up when Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) revealed that she had seen him with another woman, engaging in what appeared to be a drug deal.

Furious Naomi confronted him about it, but he had a defence up his sleeve.

He took her to meet a woman called Clare, and revealed that he had been helping her with money so that she could care for her son, Max, after his dad cut them out of his life.

Naomi was sceptical, but ultimately fell for Alex’s charms as Clare backed up his story.

However, it was later revealed that they were both in on the lie, as they shared a kiss on the outskirts of the village.

It was then that their master plan was revealed, and we learnt the real reason Alex was so keen to keep Naomi on side.

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It turned out that they had a drug debt to repay, and Alex intended on robbing the surgery in order to pay off what they owed.

While dating Naomi, he had been able to eavesdrop on Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker), and learnt all about a delivery of drugs that they are expecting.

With Clare feeling jealous over Alex’s fake relationship with Naomi, he assured her that it would all be worth it when their payday came.

However, it seems as though things won’t go exactly to plan for Alex, as Charles (Kevin Mathurin) rumbles him after finding drugs in his car.

Later, with Alex panicking that the plan has failed, Charles takes a drive to cool off.

As Alex is mowed down, has Charles taken revenge?

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