The first season of the new series America’s Got Talent: Extreme, a spinoff that only featured danger acts, has ended after four episodes. Who is the winner of AGT: Extreme?

Who won ‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’ Season 1?

To kick off the America’s Got Talent: Extreme finale, host Terry Crews, brought out all the Golden Buzzer winners on stage.

The other performers who received a “yes” became eligible for the superfan vote, where only two more acts would make it to the finale. The viewers selected parkour act Aaron Evans who flipped over speeding sports in his audition, and Jade Kindar-Martin, who walked and rode a bike across a high line on fire.

Crews then revealed the top four, voted by the fans, as Wheelz, Erika Lemay, Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders, and Kindar-Martin. He also announced the top two, Wheelz and the Cage Riders, would face off in a head-to-head battle for the title.

The wheelchair athlete didn’t land his backflip while the Cage Riders successfully included a fourth person in the 14-diameter cage. Therefore, Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders walked away with the win and $500,000 grand prize. As a sixth-generation circus performer, Silva wanted to make his family proud and planned to use the money to start their own show.

‘America’s Got Talent: Extreme’ finale also included another Golden Buzzer winner

Canada-based aerialist Erika Lemay (38) had performed for around 25 years until a 2018 accident that dislocated her shoulder, resulting in several surgeries.

Therefore, she had to stop performing. Not wanting the fall to serve as her last act, Lemay explained she decided to rehabilitate and “unretire.” Set to Sia’s “Alive,” she performed 90 feet suspended in the air using several balloons.

Judge Nikki Bella noted the performance had her “on the edge of my seat,” and Travis Pastrana admitted it “brought out the inner-kid,” recalling him wanting to fly as a kid. Simon Cowell called the act “seriously unbelievable” and referred to her as “the other version of Up.”

He pointed out they used all of their Golden Buzzers but noted they would have given it to her if they had the chance. Therefore, Cowell gathered all the judges and Crews to hit the button together, simultaneously sending the aerialist to the finale.

Other standout acts that auditioned shortly before ‘AGT: Extreme’ finale 

The Nerveless Nocks, consisting of Florida-based daredevils and father-daughter duo Michelangelo (55) and Angelina Nock (30), started the episode with the last round of auditions.

Surprising the audience and judges with their 80-foot duo sway pole act, they instantly received three “yeses” to advance to the next round. Fire dancer Will Brandon didn’t win everyone over as easily as Pastrana admitted he didn’t think the act was “extreme enough” for the competition.

Bella disagreed and noted she “loved his presentation,” giving the Georgia native a yes. Although Cowell agreed with both of his co-judges and pointed out it wasn’t a dangerous act, he still gave the fire dancer a nod. Finally, the JCB Dancing Diggers, consisting of a group of Georgia-based factory and office workers who performed with their excavators, also split the panel.

While Pastrana noted he needed the diggers to do a “wheelie or something,” Bella enjoyed the heavy machinery agility, and Cowell thought some viewers were interested in their act, both giving them a yes, and a shot for the title. 

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