Angela Merkel savaged for ‘shocking’ attack on smaller EU countries over Brexit revenge

Jeremy Vine: Guest slams Merkel over ‘shocking’ travel plans

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been slammed on Jeremy Vine over tabled plans which would force all British travellers heading to Europe into mandatory quarantine. Berlin has the backing of France and Emmanuel Macron to impose the fourteen-day isolation rule but the move is likely to be opposed by tourism hotspots such as Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Malta. Mike Parry on Jeremy Vince described the proposed ban as “shocking.”

Mr Parry said: “This is down to Angela Merkel the day we are playing Germany right in football.

“This is Angela Merkel – she has lost the sausage war because we are about to come to a deal okay.

“So to cause more mischief in Europe she has said right…and you know what we have come out of the EU and it was always said when we did France and Germany would try and flex their muscles even more over the smaller countries.

“And it is the smaller countries that are going to suffer terribly if British holidaymakers cannot go to Spain and Italy, and Greece.”

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He continued: “Where they provide 80 percent of the tourist money income.

“I think it is a shocking thing for Angela Merkel to do.”

Jeremy Vine jumped in: “So this is Merkle and Macron together?’

“Absolutely,” replied Mr Parry, “But largely led by Angela Merkel in the death throes of her leadership of Germany has decided to put the boot in.”

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It came as German SDP Party MP Karl Lauterbach called on the EU to bar all British holidaymakers to curb the spread of the Delta variant. 

Mr Lauterbach told German newspaper BILD: “In view of the dramatic corona development in the United Kingdom in the middle of the main travel season, a travel embargo from the United Kingdom to Europe would be advisable.

“It is completely incomprehensible why there are no tough EU-wide entry restrictions for travellers from Great Britain.

“The minimum would be a 10-day quarantine with the first test after five days for the British in all EU countries.”

However, the UK Transport Minister Grant Shapps has dismissed the idea of an EU-wide ban.

He told Times Radio “I don’t think there will be an EU-wide policy. Malta is certainly not going to restrict British travellers because Malta has very high vaccination rates.”

Earlier the Minister told Sky News that “each country will have to draw its own conclusions”.

“Germany doesn’t have the same level of vaccinations (like the UK), so they’re particularly concerned,” he added.

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