ANTIQUES Roadshow is always full of surprises, and on the show's recent trip to Powis Castle and Garden in Wales, they discovered a jackpot.

Expert Grant Ford left a guest speechless after he revealed a painting she'd purchased from a charity shop for just £25 was worth a small fortune.

The colourful painting had an interesting backstory as it displayed a beautiful Scottish scene.

The stunning artwork blew the expert away as he revealed it was worth more than a car.

The valuation stunned the guest as she exclaimed: "Oh, wow! That’s quite astonishing. For £25, I’m glad I bought it."

The guest stumbled across the painting merely by chance while she was returning from a holiday in the Scottish Highlands.

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She and her family were driving to their home in Shropshire and had stopped for a walk to break up the journey. 

The weather took a turn and started to rain which prompted the lady to head into the nearest charity shop to get her children raincoats.

It was at this point she stumbled across the painting.

She explained: "I didn’t get a raincoat, I got a painting,”

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Grant joked: “Gosh, I wish I was there before you.”

After analysing the piece, the expert concluded that the oil-on-canvas was a "Confident colourist" style, signed "Cunningham" in the lower right corner.

that the oil-on-canvas was a “Confident colourist” style, “Clearly signed lower-right Cunningham"

It was revealed that the artist was John Cunningham, a Glasgow artist born in 1926.

The guest brought £25 for the painting ten years ago, but Grant revealed that it is now worth £4000 to £6000.  

He concluded: "I just think that’s an amazing piece of luck because this is a very sought-after painting. And actually, it holds quite a lot of value."

“You could have found a raincoat that day; luckily you found a brilliant painting.”

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