Aubrey Plaza is recalling her audition for Scream 4 where she says she ended up going “full method” which made her feel she “looked insane” to the late Wes Craven.

“One of the earlier auditions I had was for Wes Craven for like the Scream remake or something,” she recalled during an interview with Hits Radio. “They told me, ‘You’re going in to audition to play a character that you eventually find out is the killer’ or whatever. So, I took that really literally, and I was thinking, ‘Alright, I’m gonna dress like the killer.’”

At the time, Plaza was best known for her Parks and Recreation role where she played April Ludgate. Plaza recounted her audition where she said she “looked terrible.”

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“I was really frumpy because I thought, I’m a murderer and then everybody else was glamorous and they all looked great, and I just looked insane,” she added. “And they were like, ‘The whole point is that we’re not supposed to know that you were the killer. You pretty much just look like a murderer right away.’ Anyway, I blew that one. Didn’t make it very far.”

Plaza reflected and said, “I went full method and it was bad, really bad idea.”

The role that Plaza presumably auditioned for was the one that ended up going to Emma Roberts, who in the story was Sidney’s (Neve Campbell) cousin.

Scream got a further movie made in 2022 and a sixth installment has also been confirmed but without its original star Campbell.

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