Charlie Stayt has sternly reprimanded award winning singer songwriter Sam Fender for swearing live on air while filming BBC Breakfast.

Slightly worse for wear after playing a saxophone solo for fellow Newcastle United fans last night (7 October), Sam had an early start, and wasn't shy about admitting he had a hangover.

He was on BBC Breakfast to promote his second album, Seventeen Going Under, which is out now.

Speaking about standing on a high platform to perform – while suffering from vertigo – the Geordie singer explained: "I was having to sing as well and pretend I was totally fine and not absolutely crapping myself.

"Well I’ll tell you what, I’ll put the warning out there now – mind the language, is all I’ll say in the most friendly possible way, "Charlie interjected.

"Oh I’m sorry, I’m sorry," said Sam.

"Not a big deal – you’re fine, you’re fine," Charlie replied.

"I didn’t know it was a swear word anymore," Sam explained.

"No, well we’re pretty relaxed about it but I’ll just caution you in case you’re more…" added Charlie.

Sam hurriedly responded: "Don’t worry it’s not going to come out."

Sam's new album, following on from his Number 1 debut Hypersonic Missiles, has already been critically acclaimed.

Guardian music critic Alexis Petridid has given it five stars, writing: "The end product is both commercial – big choruses, sticky melodies – and an arresting portrayal of life in his home town, North Shields."

Sam recently caught a nasty bout of laryngitis after being on his tour bus after a year without gigs due to the pandemic.

On stage at London's Brixton Academy, he told the crowd: "My doctor asked what I wanted to do. I told him to give us all the steroids in the world.

"And now? I'm absolutely tripping."

In another BBC interview to promote the album, Sam revealed that he almost turned to selling drugs when his mother developed fibromyalgia and was forced out of work.

"One night, I mentioned it to my mam and she bawled her eyes out," he recalls. "Just bawled her eyes out. She felt awful, like, 'Why do you feel you need to do that?' It really upset her."

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