I Can See Your Voice: Paddy introduces the celebrities

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The mystery singing show sees Paddy McGuinness hosting as Alison Hammond, Jimmy Carr and Amanda Holden listen to a group of “mystery singers” while guests are tasked with eliminating bad singers before hearing them sing. The BBC show launched last year and has returned for its second series, but many tuned into the show were displeased with the first episode.

The one-off guest was Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley, who commented: “I am very, very excited, I’ve seen the show, love the show.

“It’s one of those shows you start watching and you just cannot stop.”

“Well Tony, I am buzzing you’re on the show my friend,” Paddy commented.

Amanda chimed: “When I was 14 I used to have a picture of you on my door.”

“In 1957?” Jimmy quipped as the audience laughed.

The players of the episode was mother and son team, Glenda and Paul.

The opening episode of series two included six mystery singers: Go The Distance, No Scrubs, Man of the Match, Latin Sensation, Poet and Smash HIIT.

“Those are tonight’s mystery singers, none of us know who are good and who are bad,” Paddy explained.

He continued: “In fact, amongst them they don’t know themselves, it’s up to us to figure it out.”

With the help of the celebrity “investigators,” Glenda and Paul eliminated singers one by one.

Unfortunately, they made a mistake in getting rid of Smash HIIT, who proved she was a talented singer when she performed on stage.

By the end, the players were left with Poet and Go The Distance. They decided Go The Distance was the good singer, but it turned out Poet could also sing.

Luckily for the team, Go The Distance could also sing, meaning Glenda and Paul left with £10,000.

The revelation came as Go The Distance performed with Tony Hadley, and the dup were instantly relieved.


The panel on this show is enough to switch it off. I’m sorry but I can’t stand any of them.  #icanseeyourvoice

Viewers watching at home had mixed opinions on the show, but several were critical.

Twitter user @TallAndFirey wrote: “#icanseeyourvoice only watching for Tony Hadley.  Can’t stand any of the regular panellists or McGuinness.”

@Makaton11 added: “#thevoice #icanseeyourvoice oh Mr Ambassador you are spoiling us with s**** telly on our mainstream channels on a Saturday night.”

@mrjintheuk penned: “I’ve just watched my first episode of I Can See Your Voice. It will be my last.”

However, others enjoyed the return of the light-hearted series.

@joannem5569 commented: “So glad to have this back, such a funny show #icanseeyourvoice.”

@IAMBEX92 added: “Okay but seeing one of my fave tiktokers on I Can See Your Voice has made my night #yourboymoyo.”

I Can See Your Voice continues on Saturday at 9.05pm on BBC One.

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