BBC viewers 'switch off' new divorce drama Us after 'bloody annoying and monotonous' premiere

BBC fans were less than impressed with the TV adaptation of David Nicholls' divorce drama book, branding it "so slow" and "pretty bad."

The first of the four-part drama aired on the broadcaster on Sunday, starring Tom Hollander as Douglas Peterson.

He is left stunned when wife Connie, played by Saskia Reeves, declares she wants to leave him.

The pair share a son, Albie, and were preparing to embark on a trip of a lifetime tour of Europe when Connie dropped the bombshell news.

Yet despite the emotive plot, which gripped the hearts of many fans in literary form in 2014, some thought the BBC telly version didn't match up.

One took to Twitter to write: "That sums it up. I mean, I know Sunday night TV is traditionally the home of cosy tweeness but, come on… this was pretty bad."

Another added: "The #BBCUs is very slow. Some good observational moments but not enough to keep #Us watching. Shame as I loved the book."

One then took issue with the quality and put: "What's up/down with the sound levels on #Us #BBCUs Loud, then quiet, then loud again. #fail."

A BBC viewer showed their frustration in a Tweet which read: "Desperately trying to get through this first episode, but drawn out dialogue about Douglas getting his 10,000 steps and the son's photography being in focus is making for some really monotonous viewing. #Us."

One then quipped on the social media site: "Douglas is so annoying #Us #BBCUs."

Yet others were gripped, with one viewer posting: "Didn't think i'd like #BBCUs, it sort of was just on in the background after the footy, ended up binge watching all 4 episode's on #iplayer. TomHollander and #IainDeCaestecker were excellent!"

Filming for Us started in 2019 and spread across London, Amsterdam, Venice, Barcelona and Paris.

Episode two sees the family arrive in Amsterdam and, following an explosive argument with Connie, Douglas is left attempting to convince her to stick out the trip in its entirety.

Us continues next Sunday at 9pm, but the whole season is already available on BBC iPlayer.

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