Bear Grylls says Nicola Adams was scared of heights on their wild adventure

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We’ve watched Bear Grylls put a whole host of famous faces through their paces over the years, as he takes them on an adventure to remember.

And in ITV’s special one-off, Bear & Nicola Adams’ Wild Adventure, it’s time for double Olympic Gold winning British boxer Nicola Adams to step up to the challenge.

But despite her sporting achievements and fitness, Bear, 46, insists it wasn’t an easy journey, as Nicola is afraid of heights – something they confronted together as they faced the tough terrain of Dartmoor.

Speaking about what’s in store as he tests Nicola’s survival skills, Bear says: “On the journey, she was pretty scared of heights but that’s natural – life is about more about how we overcome the things that scare us.”

But will she be able to hold her nerve when Bear presents the first challenge – a rugged ascent up to a high peak where on the other side is a sheer drop? Later, it’s another case of mind over matter when Nicola has to climb a line up a cliff face.

Bear continues that the freezing cold weather and conditions only made it harder, but that Nicola, 38, tackled everything with an unwavering positivity and spirit.

Bear says: “We had some tough weather but despite the fact that Nicola had never done anything quite like this before she had such a winning positive attitude and a big smile throughout.”

“Winter time in Dartmoor is notoriously unforgiving, especially in storm conditions. It’s where the Commandos do a lot of their training, and it’s a cliché that people get lost when the visibility drops with the wind and rain and mist.”

He adds: “Nicola said that she was cold before we had even started but she never gave up and she showed her champion spirit throughout. It’s no surprise she’s a champion.”

However, it’s not just a physical challenge, but also a huge mental one, as Bear uses his time with Nicola to get her to open up about some painful memories from her past, including her difficult childhood.

He explains: “Nicola has had such an incredible journey. She’s overcome so many huge obstacles in her upbringing, including the abuse she had as a child at home from her father.”

“Nicola started boxing because her mum needed a babysitter and so she was dropped off at the boxing gym.”

“From the beginning she was the only boxing girl in the gym and at her school. To then go on and defy so many of the odds to win Olympic Gold – not to mention then to do it again – is so remarkable.”

And after spending time with her and hearing her inspiring story, Bear says it’s no wonder she’s achieved so much in sport and beyond.

He concludes: “Her personal journey is a real testament to her attitude. She’s tough and she’s honest – to me it’s her attitude that’s made her such a champion in her life.”

Bear & Nicola Adams’ Wild Adventure, Friday, 9.30pm, ITV

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