Beat The Chasers' Jenny Ryan hits back as fan accuses her of a feud with Paul Sinha after she punched him on the show

BEAT The Chasers' Jenny Ryan has hit back as fans accused her of a feud with Paul Sinha after she punched him on the show.

People watching the ITV show were convinced they had a fall out after she whacked him.

Jenny has had her say over the punching incident that led to fans believing she had a real-life fall out with Paul.

One wrote: "Can’t help thinking that @jenlion and @paulsinha don’t get on at all!"

Jenny replied with a comedy Meme of Russ from Friends.

It said: "You could not be more wrong. You could try…but you would not be successful."

Mark also decided to speak out about it after fans thought Jenny had serious beef with him.

He said he found it “p*ss funny” after The Vixen “farcically punched" him after he got a question incorrect on the ITV show.

Mark wrote: “I shall address that punch… In that four seconds, both of us looked ridiculous.

“It was exhilarating at the time, and p*ss funny as well. It is funny when things go wrong.”

After being scolded by Jenny for his error, he vowed he would not make the same mistake.

He confirmed: “Jenny never punched anyone again.”

Meanwhile it's not the first time tempers have been flaring on set.

Beat The Chasers fans were stunned last week as Mark Labbett fumed at his co-star Shaun Wallace for "taking too long" on an easy question.

The 55-year-old quizzer was visibly furious in the awkward spat – despite the Chasers still winning against the contestant.

It all kicked off when all five Chasers took on Claire, with host Bradley Walsh asking which author created the Oompa Loompas – characters in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Shaun, 60, buzzed to answer but took a few seconds to speak, eventually giving the correct name of Roald Dahl.

The Chasers won despite Shaun's blip, but Mark was unable to forgive how long he took.

Shaun apologised after the time was up, with Mark responding: "You can't do that, Shaun."

Bradley then asked what happened, with Shaun explaining: "I don't know, I'd rather take some time and get it right…"

But Mark interrupted, shouting across the other Chasers: "Absolutely not!

"It's not your time to waste, that's a terrible sin."

Viewers at home couldn't believe the frosty exchange, flocking to Twitter to share their reaction – even branding Mark "unprofessional".


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