THE Belgravia cast have explained why a lavish banquet scene took an entire week to film – and left them scared to eat.

The ITV period drama focuses on characters living in the rich London district, and features plenty of elegant dinners and high class get togethers.

However, the banqueting and feasting scenes weren't always as much fun to film as they are to watch according to the show's stars.

Appearing on The One Show, Philip Glenister and Alice Eve, who play James Trenchard and his daughter-in-law Susan, discussed the behind-the-scenes goings on.

Host Matt Baker asked: “I always wonder about those dinner scenes – how long were you filming that?"

But Alice replied: “Don’t ask, that took a week!”

Philip added: “That particular one, we were literally sitting down at 9:30am with a mound of mutton.
“You’re just kind of thinking, well for continuity purposes, you just, ‘I’m going to be very careful not to eat too much.’”

The 57-year-old revealed he had learned from past experience, adding: "I learnt years ago, they gave us this really nice rib of beef, I thought ‘I’ll have some of this.’

“By the time I got to my tea, I felt so sick, so full.

“So I sort of learnt over the years just to nibble at it. When you’re not on camera, you just mime.

Alice added: “Or just drink water.”

Alice, 38, previously opened up about what it was like to wear the tight corsets required for the show.

Belgravia continues on Sunday, March 29 at 9pm on ITV.

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