BB Comics is back for Big Brother 22. The cast fought hard to win the veto. But they also had fun making comments about how everyone was portrayed. That includes Nicole Franzel, who wasn’t happy about her comic. [Warning spoilers for the Oct. 14 episode!]

‘Big Brother 22’ brought back BB Comics

BB Comics has houseguests get on a zip line to look at comics. They then have to replicate the comics in the same order as what they saw.

The comics show the season’s cast as different superheroes. Some of the powers are inspired by what happened in the house. But sometimes the inspiration comes from the fandom and how they reacted to the houseguests. But houseguests aren’t always happy with how they’re portrayed.

The cast was turned into superheroes

Many of the cast members got powers that were a play on their name. Da’Vonne Rogers is Da’Dream, David Alexander is David & Goliath, Bayleigh Dayton is Bayleigh’s Comet, Enzo Palumbo is The Meow Meow, Cody Calafiore is The Cali-Fury, Christmas Abbott is Mrs. Claws, and Memphis Garrett is Mem-Fist.

Other titles are call backs to the costumes they wore in the house. Ian Terry is The Space Jammer and Nicole Franzel is The Cereal Killer. Then there were call backs to previous seasons with Keesha Smith as The Birthday Girl.

The rest of the cast are Janelle Pierzina as The Bombshell, Kaysar Ridha as King Kaysar, Nicole Anthony as The Podmaster, Dani Briones as The Regulator, Tyler Crispen as Aber-Curl-Dabra, Kevin Campbell as The Bandanimal.

The cast gave their reactions

Christmas, Enzo, Cody, Memphis, and Nicole F. were left to play the competition. They didn’t hold back with their reactions to the comics.

“King Kaysar? King of what? Going home before he gets to the jury? I don’t know. What is he the king of?” Cody asked sarcastically.

Enzo said Bayleigh looked amazing in her comic. But he had something to say about Kevin. “Kevin’s Bandanimal’s comic had me dying because just his facial expression is just like ‘Look I’m about to be on the block again!’” he said.

He also had something to say about Nicole A. “I love Nicole A. But that’s one podcast I will not listen to. I will listen to your podcast one time. The one that I’m on. I will listen to that one,” he said.

Enzo also said he loves Tyler. “He definitely didn’t pull any magic in this house and with that comic,” he said.

Christmas loved that she had a scary looking comic. “Look, if I’m terrifying in Big Brother, I’m doing my job right,” she said. Memphis was confused about one comic.

“I have no idea what Da’Vonne’s comic means. She would kept daydreaming about making it to the end and obviously that didn’t work for her,” Memphis said. Nicole F. wasn’t happy with her power.

“Someone’s gotta be the bombshell. Someone’s gotta be the pretty one and apparently that’s Janelle. I have to be a Cereal Killer while Janelle gets to be like this beautiful bombshell goddess? Like why do I look so scary all the time?” Nicole F. asked.

Nicole F. did win the Power of Veto. She decided to keep her nominations as Head of Household the same. That means Memphis or Christmas will be going home.

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