'Big Brother 23': Where the Alliances Stand After Day 2

Shortly after the first few competitions that kicked off Big Brother 23, the houseguests began getting to know each other, naturally resulting in the formation of alliances. Here’s where everyone stands following Day 2 in the house.

The players are competing in teams for ‘Big Brother 23’

Slightly different from BB14’s teams led by returning players as coaches, season 23’s houseguests must compete in groups with their safety relying on one another. Immediately after entering the BB23 house, they faced off in a kickoff competition to determine the team captains who picked their members after watching a short introduction video.

“Frenchie” French led the Jokers and chose Azah Awasum, Britni D’Angelo, and Derek Frazier. Aces’ Whitney Williams picked Brent Champagne, Derek Xiao, and Hannah Chaddha, while Christian Birkenberger wanted Alyssa Lopez, Xavier Prather, and Sarah Steagall for the Kings.

Finally, Claire Rehfuss picked Kyland Young, Tiffany Mitchell, and Travis Long to assemble the Queen’s team. The groups then competed against one another to determine Head of Household, which Frenchie’s Jokers won.

Host Julie Chen Moonves tempted him to play in one more competition to guarantee his team’s safety for another week. Not wanting to lose his HOH, Frenchie decided against it.

Several alliances have already formed after Day 2

A few hours after the members competed against each other, they began getting to know one another and forming alliances. As the groups are competing with each other and keeping one another safe, they are somewhat forced to align because they can’t target their own teammates.

Wanting to follow the precedent Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton set last season by working with the other minorities, Derek F., Azah, Xavier, and Tiffany formed The Cookout. They decided they would meet in the storage room for a few minutes, so others wouldn’t know they’ve aligned.

Although Kyland and Hannah weren’t explicitly invited into the alliance, Tiffany noted they would still protect the two. Derek X and Travis began talking a lot of game with each other, and the former referred to their working relationship as a “bromance,” while Azah, Hannah, and Claire have teamed up as an unofficial trio.

Additionally, Britni has separate “pinky swears” with Azah and Whitney to protect one another.

Frenchie quickly formed multiple alliances as HOH

Almost immediately after becoming the first Head of Household of the season, Frenchie began alliances for safety moving forward. He quickly approached Tiffany and Whitney to form a Parents coalition.

French also had the idea to create the Butchers shortly later, noting they “handle business,” with the people he wanted to “ride or die with,” including Christian, Derek F, Kyland, and Xavier. Then, the Joker’s captain plans to invite three more houseguests into it to form The Slaughterhouse.

However, Frenchie also made separate deals with others in the house in exchange for protection. Therefore, he began asking allies to volunteer as a pawn, rubbing a few people the wrong way. Realizing Frenchie started to overplay his hand, another alliance featuring Derek X., Kyland, Claire, Travis, and Tiffany banded to create The Firefighters to extinguish the fires they felt the new HOH started.

Currently, Alyssa and Sarah are seemingly the only ones not involved in an alliance yet. Big Brother 23 airs on CBS.

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