Big Brother 23 lets winners of Head of Household competitions get letters from home. This allows the other houseguests to learn more about them. The newest winner got a letter from home, and it disproves one of the rumors that were spread about her.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Big Brother 23 live feeds that aired on Aug. 19!]

‘Big Brother’ crowned a new HOH

The Aug. 19 episode started with Britini D’Angelo getting evicted and Derek Frazier staying safe. That makes her the first jury member.

The houseguests then competed in the next HOH competition. Each person except for Kyland Young had to walk on a balance beam maze and had only 45 seconds to complete it. Sarah Beth Steagall managed to get the best time and won HOH.

Sarah Beth has played more of a low-key game. So fans will have to wait to see who will be her target.

Sarah Beth gets a letter from Shelly

There have been several rumors in the Big Brother house. One of them was that Sarah Beth and Kyland were actually America’s duo who secretly entered the house as a pair. Xavier Prather had this theory and talked about it with Claire Rehfuss and Tiffany Mitchell. They even thought they were secretly a couple because of how close they are and how often they cuddle. But Sarah Beth has talked about having a girlfriend at home named Shelly.

Tiffany also started questioning if Sarah Beth was in a relationship at all, given some of her comments. She also went as far as questioning her sexuality. But because Sarah Beth gets pictures and a letter from home, there’s now proof of her girlfriend.

Sarah Beth read her letter in front of the other houseguests on the live feeds. The letter started off with Shelly congratulating her for winning HOH. She said she’s been practicing her roller skating, so she’s better than Sarah Beth when she gets home. Shelly noted that she missed cuddling with her, and “it’s not fair other contestants get to hug and cuddle with you when I don’t get to.” Sarah Beth laughed at this and said she’s coming for everyone. Shelly also wished her a happy birthday.

Everyone clapped after Sarah Beth read the letter. She also got a picture of herself with Shelly. 

The night ended with Sarah Beth cuddling and telling each other they love each other. Kyland then left, and the camera zoomed in on Sarah Beth’s picture with Shelly. Fans reacted to this on Reddit.

“The zoom on Shelly’s photo after SB just spent over 5 hours in the HOH room, cuddling with Ky,” crying laughing emoji. “That close up of Shelly and SB. Oh SB, grab that pic and get your power back and stop listening to Ky. Please,” another person wrote. A third fan added, “the Shelly close up [skull emoji].”

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