In 2006, Glyn Wise was one of the 22 contestants who made his way into the Big Brother house to take part in the show.

He became popular and made friends with many of the other housemates, including fellow Welsh contestant Imogen Thomas. Glyn went on to come second in the series to Pete Bennett, when he was aged just 18.

Now, in an exclusive interview with OK! Glyn – who is training to be a vicar – opens up about the brutal seven-stage audition process he underwent beforehand.

"I went into the diary room for one part of the process and the producers were quite nasty to me, they asked if I was a sheep s****er and stuff like that.

I was completely confused because I thought 'this is my dream and you’re being horrible to me'. But I realise now they were testing how I dealt with negativity.

I auditioned on February 18th 2006 and we didn't get into the house until May 2006 – it was a very long process and I went through seven different auditions.

One of the auditions was in Manchester and there was a massive queue outside the venue of thousands of people. Everyone else was in normal clothes and I was in my lifeguard shorts pretending to be David Hasselhoff telling everyone how handsome I was – it was mad.

When I got to the final 50 we had a games day in London, at that point Big Brother was looking to see who would make the best house, they don't choose participants on an individual basis.

So they're choosing the best of the four glamour models and their Miss Worlds and whoever else and they're hoping that everyone there is either falling in love with or disliking each other.

They really want the drama and to make sure that they have chosen the correct house so they get TV gold.

On the games day, we had to do things like rank the funniest and the most embarrassing people there and say what we liked and didn't like about people we'd just met. The producers were testing how we dealt with negativity and how outspoken we were.

We even had to create a fantasy island using newspaper cuttings and they asked us if we were a fruit what would it be? There were loads of silly games like that.

It was a really intense audition process but I never had second thoughts about going on Big Brother because of it; I was so focused and determined to go in to the house.

Before I went into the show, I met some of my housemates at the auditions. I was in the queue with Mikey in Manchester and I remember seeing Nikki Grahame.

The first time I met her she was complaining she was late for an audition and she had an argument with a taxi driver.

I remember thinking this one is very outspoken but didn't think much of it but when I saw her in the house I said 'I had a funny feeling you'd be here' – there was star quality with Nikki that is very rare.

I was so focused and so determined so I didn’t have second thoughts about BB.

When I did get chosen they took us into hiding in Belgium for two weeks and took phones and watches. We had no concept of time and had no information about the outside world.

“In all, 16 of us went into hiding but only 14 went into the house. They take one man and one woman out – imagine being that person?"

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