When he is confronted by Joe Amabile, Demi Burnett, Natasha Parker and Jessenia Cruz, Brendan insists that he and Pieper were not exclusive before filming the show.

AceShowbiz -“Bachelor in Paradise” arrived with a new episode on Tuesday, September 14. The two-hour episode of season 7 showed Brendan Morais and Pieper James quitting the show after they were confronted by Joe Amabile, Demi Burnett, Natasha Parker and Jessenia Cruz over their alleged pre-existing relationship.

When asked whether he and Pieper planned their romance before coming to the show, Brendan insisted that he and Pieper were not exclusive before filming. He said he was trying to develop his relationship with Natasha but he didn’t feel anything romantic towards her.

Brendan went on to defend Pieper’s arrival at the show. He claimed that with Pieper coming to “Paradise”, they were able to advance their relationship better rather than doing it in the real world. Pieper then chimed in by saying that she came to the show to meet Brendan and that she didn’t know there was a “rule book” about how things should happen.

“The truth is, you felt this way about Pieper, and I want you to know that’s okay, but not at my expense. Not at anyone’s expense. It’s awful. It’s completely awful,” Natasha told Brendan before he told the group to dismiss.

“I’ve literally said everything I need to say. I appreciate everyone’s concern, but I’ve said everything I need to say on the matter,” Brendan pointed out. “Outside of that, we have nothing else to talk about here. So you guys can hang out here, but I’m gonna remove myself from this.”

In a private conversation, Pieper admitted to Brendan that she’s “excited” to gain more followers from the show. However, she made it clear that she “would have got there on [her] own” because she has “an entire master’s degree in marketing.”

Brendan eventually announced that he and Pieper were leaving. “This environment, I guess, isn’t where we wanna be at this particular moment,” he told his co-stars. “I think you all know and I am well aware of, this is the girl I wanna be with, and I feel comfortable in saying that, so I appreciate all you guys, but I’m gonna leave with her and we’re gonna do that on our own terms.”

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