It's one of the biggest decisions a bride-to-be will make – what dress to wear on her big day .

From huge and sparkly to plain and simple the array of choice is huge and the decision can feel overwhelming.

So bride Heather, has enlisted the help of super stylist Gok Wan to help her find the perfect gown for her wedding to fiance, Ned.

And bridal dress shopping with the nervous Heather are her mum, Sue, he sister, Jess, and her bridesmaid, Leanne.

Heather is one of the stars of tonight's Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire, on TLC.

To make matters even more complicated thebride has no idea what type of dress she wants.

And because she and fiance, Ned, have been to so many weddings – at least six a year – she's feeling baffled by the choice.

Not only that, her mum is paying for half of her daughter's dream gown so will have a big say on what she wears on the day.

Heather's beloved Ned is keen for his bride-to-be to wear something similar to Meghan Markle's stunning dress when she married Prince Harry – but her family and bridesmaid aren't so sure.

Stuck in the middle poor Heather, who has been with Ned for six years, has no clue what to do for the best.

She said: "I don't want any bling and I'd like it to be plain but with the 'wow' factor."

Matters are further complicated as Heather has up to a whopping £3,000 to spend on her dream frock, which means she had a HUGE amount of choice.

And when she and her entourage arrive at the bridal shop to meet Gok, both Heather and her sister think they've found the perfect dress.

The very opposite to the plain number Heather had originally thought she wanted, the dress could not be covered in more bling.

Gok is stunned at her choice and is far from convinced it's what the bride is looking for but is happy to let her try it on – even if just to eliminate it from the search.

It's soon apparent that despite thinking she'd found her dream dress it really isn't what she's looking for – and her entourage agree.

Bridesmaid Leanne, who helped Heather pick the gown, says: "The shape's beautiful, I just really hate the back."

But it's the bride's own mother who has the most scathing review.

Sue says: "It's too old fashioned for you. I love the little bit of sparkle, not too over the top, beautiful train.

"It's just the back section is not doing it for me. No. I can see back fat."

Her brutal comments spark gasps from Heather's sister, Jess, and even Gok is stunned.

He says: "Well, brutal and honest, but actually we want that."

Lesson learned, Heather and her girls hand the reins of finding the dress back to Gok who soon comes up with the perfect gown.

Heather is overwhelmed when she first sees herself in the stunning dress and mum, sister and bridesmaid all agree.

The bride to be gushes: "I don't think I've ever felt so special. Wow, this dress!"

And there's one final surprise for Heather, who thought she as footing half the bill for the £2,835 dress – her mum is paying for the whole thing.

Heather says: "It's a huge amount of money and I'm so grateful. It's also a huge surprise."

  • Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire is on TLC tonight at 9pm.

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