ITV's Britain's Got Talent has been hit with 892 Ofcom complaints after this weekend's semi-final episode.

The show has sparked controversy in recent weeks and has become the most complained about TV show of the year.

The show has had nearly 28,000 people complain to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom since the live semi-finals aired several weeks ago

Ofcom confirmed to Daily Star Online that in the latest round of objections the show received 733 objections over comic Nabil Abdulrashid's jokes about race.

There were also another 136 complaints relating to Amanda Holden's outfit – a racy gown that one viewer compared to lingerie.

It is also believed there were 23 complaints made about a variety of other subjects, The Sun reported.

Nabil's comedy set about racism saw him attack "angry far-right guys".

He said: "Angry far-white guys come out going: 'Look at that, it's terrible him doing jokes about being black and muslim. If a white non-muslim did that it would be racist.'

"Well, duh. That's like me saying: Look at that guy kissing his wife, it's romantic. But if I kiss her…"

He also made jokes about white people mistaking him for rapper Big Narstie.

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He said: "People watching will think that it's another of one of those Black Lives Matter guys doing jokes about stop and search.

"No, it's a joke about being fat. Big Narstie and I are both fat, we just both happen to be black too. Don't throw in the race card guys!"

He also joked about his "white, liberal, left-wing friend".

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He said: "We all have to have one because if I get killed, someone has to start the Gofundme."

His set won praise from judge Alesha Dixon.

She said: "Tonight by far has been the toughest, I just want you guys to know that. But the act that I would like to see in the final is Nabil."

But Nabil's routine left many viewers divided.

One said: "Alesha calling him 'brave' for tackling racism. So brave to talk about a subject that's been politicised & rammed down our throats for months by every media outlet and corporation."

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Another fumed: "F*****g disgrace that was even shown. If that wasn’t racism I don’t know what was."

A third raged: "All the white people complaining about Nabil on #bgt asking where the jokes were and they didn’t understand…

"All because they’ve never had to experience racism, love how offended people are when they hear the truth."

Nabil told of his shock about the complaints on Twitter and hinted that his performance this Saturday could prove to be more controversial.

He said: "Can you imagine the audacity? They want to complain? Ok, I’ll give them something to complain about.. TUNE IN ON SATURDAY."

Amanda, 49, also sparked controversy the previous week after wearing a dress that some viewers said they could see her nipples in.

The show was hit with more than 21,000 Ofcom complaints over dance group's Diversity's Black Lives Matter-inspired routine.

Diversity's performance was trolled due to it including a scene where a white police officer knelt on the neck of Ashley Banjo in reference to the death of George Floyd in America and the BLM protests that followed.

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